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Meeting Aims And Objectives Essay

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This assignment is going to explain Samsung Semi-conductor Company aims and objective. Currently, Samsung becomes a very successful electronic business. The task will analyse whether Samsung meets the vision and mission. Samsung Company was established in 1938 by Byung-Chull Lee as a national business based in Korea. It was a production company which produced flour and candy with their own machines. This 62-year-old company has today changed to be a dynamic and superpower electronic company that competes with other electronic companies such as LG, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic, Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and Philips. Samsung products are strongly demanded by the market. This company employs ...view middle of the document...

Exceed Good Eco-Product criteria for 100 percent of Samsung's products, up from the current 50 percent. The program will include introducing eco-friendly evaluation for products in the R&D stage, increase energy efficiency, and increasing the use of recyclable and eco-friendly materials.
4. Invest 5.4 trillion Korean won on research and development, and facilities related to eco-management initiatives through 2013. The research and development include 3.1 trillion Korean won for the development of eco-friendly products, and 2.3 trillion Korean won for energy-saving technologies and greening of production facilities.
5. Improve green partnerships with suppliers and partners. Strengthen environmental cooperation with suppliers and partners, including supporting the implementation of green management systems such as ISO 14001, and the establishment of greenhouse gas inventories.
The Samsung green technology has achieved the aims. They have recently launched new green cell phones name blue earth and bio-plastic phone 40 per cent made from corn. These phones are friendly with the environment and are easy to recycle. The...


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