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Meeting Madagascar Essay

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Meeting Madagascar

Larger than California and Oregon combined, Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island, after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. Located 250 miles off the south-east coast of Africa, the island extends 1,000 miles in length and 360 miles at its largest width. The island can be divided into three main parts: the East Coast, a narrow coastal strip abutting the steep slopes of the North-South mountain range, home of the rain forest; the Central Highlands, averaging 2500 to 4500 feet in altitude and culminating at 9430 feet, decorated with immense rice fields; and the West Coast, home of the baobabs and thorny forest. Coral reefs fringe a portion of the coast. Most plants and animals found in Madagascar exist only there.
Thirteen million Malagasy inhabit Madagascar. Exactly how and when the early Malagasy discovered and settled the island is not known. They have a dual Indonesian and African origin, attested by their physical features, language, agricultural practices, and customs. In spite of their diversity, they are united by a common language, rooted in the ancient Malayo-Polynesian, ancestor of the tongues spoken in the vast area bounded by Hawaii, the Tuamotu and Madagascar. The modern language has been enriched by words imported from Bantu tongues, Swahili, Arabic, English and French.
Traveling in Madagascar is may not for everybody. The most ancient road is not yet 100 years old and tourism is a very young industry. Many conveniences available and expected in heavily-traveled places like Greece or Japan simply do not exist. If you
Insists on exact schedules, well-planned itineraries and plush accommodations, if you want to be able to hop on the next plane or place an urgent long-distance phone call, this country is may not for you. However, if you are flexible and looking for the unexpected, if you want to meet an extraordinary people, then go and discover this fascinating island! You will become attached to the country, verifying once more the Malagasy proverb: "They who drink the water from the Manangareza river always come back to Madagascar".
Things about Madagascar!
As a former piece of the African continent that has remained in close proximity throughout its evolutionary history, Madagascar is said to be located in Southern Africa. It is the fourth largest island in the world, strategically location along Mozambique Channel. The island itself is in the Indian Ocean, east of Mozambique. It is said to be slightly less than twice the size of Arizona. The islands Natural hazards are their periodic cyclones. Some of the islands current issues of location include, soil erosion from deforestation and overgrazing. Surface water contaminated with raw sewage and other organic wastes has recently become a problem there in Madagascar.
The Capital City of Madagascar, Antananarivo
Antananarivo, formerly Tananarive, city in Madagascar, capital of the country and of Antananarivo Province. It is situated in...

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