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The social worker that I chose to interview was Laurene Deidre Reese. She currently works as a treatment specialist at the Augusta Youth Development Center. Ms. Reese is a mental health counselor who works with at risk juveniles that are being obtained for offenses committed. She is sociology major with a minor in psychology.
Ms. Reese was born to Lloyd and Laura Reese being the youngest of five children. Her parents and one of her sisters have pursued a career in education. Her father became the principal of Josey High School and her mother taught special needs children, both within the Richmond County School district. Although coming from a big family, Ms.Reese is currently unwed and does not have any children.
Ms. Reese’s first counseling job was at YDC in 1985. Her experience throughout the years consists of counseling male inmates, mental health counseling with males and females, and she also has experience of being a juvenile correctional officer.
She chose social work as a career because she was influenced by certain people around her. As an intern at Paine College, she worked under two social workers by the name of Esse Anderson and Ed Hughes. Mr. Hughes is the director of treatment services at the Youth Development Center. Another person that inspired her to get into the social work field was her Delta sorority sister Mairyanna Elderman. Ms. Reese states that Ms. Elderman used to do many things for the community and made efforts to change things in society.
Besides Social work, Ms. Reese has had other careers such as a correctional officer and has done substitute teaching. She also has a Master’s Degree in rehabilitation counseling from South Carolina State in Orangeburg.
When asked what have been the most satisfying aspects of social work, Ms. Reese stated that it is helping others. Witnessing them become successful once they leave the penal system, mainstreaming into society and becoming a viable citizen are examples of what inspires Ms. Reese to maintain a career in the social work field. One of her pupils now owns his own paint and body shop. Another young man that she treated has a well-paying job at Coca-Cola and a past female client is now a nursing assistant. She also has church members with criminal backgrounds that have turned their lives around. Ms. Reese has also worked with the comedian Steve Harvey because of his past history of being a juvenile delinquent. Motivated by his own mistakes, Steve Harvey now has a camp for young male offenders. He used to come to Ms. Reese’s job at YDC to make motivational speeches, as did James Brown.
Ms. Reese thinks that...

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