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Mega And Super Yacht Building And Design

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Mega yachting is a life style that can be used by only very few people. The yachts that people live on are custom designed to fit their individual lifestyle and include many intricacies. Though they boats may very in exterior design and size they all contain relatively the same main components that drive and power the vessel although those can very as well. (Thesis)
Mega yachts are constructed in many places and though they are capable of serving themselves they are also in need of exterior vehicles to help them carry the passengers directly to shore and partake in water sport activities. The boats that are carried by mega yachts and super yachts are called tenders by most of the yachting community. These vessels can vary in size from being very short boats of only 17 feet in length to the more typical vessel of a length of around 30 feet. The tenders are launched by a davit, of which an example can be seen on nearly all cruise liners. The tenders may also be launched by an over head crane that is mounted to the super structure of the main vessel and capable of lifting the weight of an entire 10,000 pound boat.
Also contained in the main vessel may be other water craft vehicles to the effect of competition PWC’s and double person PWC’s that most people in the Iowa Great Lakes region would be accustomed to. These would be carried in the same area as the main tenders and would be launched using the over head derrick that is mounted inside the vehicle or using a lowerable rostrum. Typically the rostrum is desired as it makes it much easier to embark and disembark from the PWC. In some cases the owners children or the owners themselves may participate in PWC competitions around the world. And they may make their schedules of where to go yachting based on where the competitions are held at.
Along with the vessels that the yachts carry is the regular petroleum that is necessary to fill them. The tenders run of high grade unleaded fuel not the diesel fuel the main vessel carries. The yacht has a capacity of around 70,000 gallons where as the petroleum tank may be of only 800 to 1500 gallons. The tenders can be filled like a gas station with hoses that run the length of the tender holding bay.

Along with tenders the boats also tend to have other amenities since the total vessel is worth in he whereabouts of around 200 million dollars. An example of unnecessary amenities would be a helipad pool like that of Oceanco’s Alfa-Nero yacht. This pool has a hydraulic lifting system that allows it to move up and down and move the water through an intricate system of pipes to a void that was created underneath the base of the pool. In order to keep the pool clean rather than having the filter inlet and outlet under the water and invisible to the human eye the Alfa-Nero has a never ending waterfall that cleans the water.
Another amenity of the mega yachts is in the areas of their lift systems. Mega yachts tend to be multiple stories tall and because...

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