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‘Meigs County’s Culture: The Reasons To Stay And The Reasons To Leave’

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‘Meigs County’s Culture: The Reasons to Stay and the Reasons to Leave’
I have lived in Meigs County for twenty one years which is most of my life. While living here for that long I have come across many people who want to leave. I have even said that one day I would like to leave this place, because of the cons in the culture of Meigs County. But where there are cons in the culture of Meigs County. There are many pros that would make me stay in this place and never move.
Meigs County is the only culture that I have grown up with and to say it now I wouldn’t give it up for anything. While living in Meigs County for the twenty one years that I have been living here the culture has changed, but there are still those good points that make it a reason that I would stay and start my family here. One of those good points is the activities that reside in Meigs County like fishing, hunting, and family gatherings. Hunting and fishing are big in Meigs County most of everyone that I know hunts and fishes. The way I got into hunting and fishing is thanks to my grandfather who has lived in Meigs County for 66 years. The family gatherings was something that was done by everyone but talking with some of my roommates in college they said that they have never done things like that, but knowing that made it nice knowing that around here are families enjoy gathering. The activities are only one third of the good points. Another is the food that resides in Meigs’s culture like fried squish which in my mind is one of the best foods that you can eat. Then you have others like potato soup, homemade noodle’s, and fried frog legs. I mean I couldn’t leave the ability of home cooking that my mother and grandmother. The food and activities are things that other cultures can pick up and integrate into their culture. But there is one thing they can’t and that’s the people that live in Meigs County. I don’t know if it’s just the fact that I have lived here all my life, but when I visit other places like Florida, and Oregon the people are completely different. Here people would usual wave when you drive by, while in those other places they wouldn’t even glance your way. But the people’s friendly nature isn’t the only thing it’s the fact that we value our families. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that other place people don’t value their families, but I see it more in Meigs County. For example I live near many of my family members out in the country and we look out for each other no matter what. Another thing about the people is way they treat each other. They...

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