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Mein Kampf By Adolf Hitler Essay

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The Holocaust was a despicable event that had dimmed the light of societal humanity throughout from the early nineteen thirties to the mid nineteen forties. As the years passed, historians scanned through the remaining evidence from this era in order to reveal the details of this sickening massacre to the public's eye. Teachers throughout the nation have made certain to cover all aspects of this event in history class. However, students would often dutifully question this continuous effort. Why should we study the Holocaust if it had already passed long ago? After all, the past is in the past. Shouldn't we be focusing on the future ahead of us instead? In the end, the confusion among the ...view middle of the document...

Due to this fact, he rarely experienced the freedom that most children of the time longed for in their every day lives.

Prior to World War I, Hitler worked as a casual laborer and a decently-paid painter, mainly selling watercolors for a living. He had applied for the Academy of Fine Artes Vienna twice, but was rejected both times. The academy hadn't believed in his natural abilities as a painter, and this was simply an added knife to his heart as the knives from the previous events of his childhood are already thrusted deep into him. Almost immediately after the second rejection, he ran out of money and was eventually forced to live in a homeless shelter for several years. When World War I came into combat, Hitler was quick to volunteer to serve in the army. This became a major contribution to Hitler's rise to power, as historians have later pointed out.

During World War I and the brief moments afterwards, Hitler's hate towards Jews gradually rose to the surface. Eventually, he organized a rebellion and attacked the government in order to have his views be heard. However, his army was not strong enough at the time, and he was imprisoned for his acts, sentenced for five years of jail time. While he was in prison, he entertained himself by writing a booked named Mein Kampf, also known as My Struggle. The book carefully detailed every crucial event that had occurred in his lifetime as of that time, and he was instantly popularized after its publication. The popularity that Hitler had gained during his time in jail eventually worked in his favor, and he was released only nine months afterh he was first imprisoned, much sooner than his expected release date. From then on, his supporters only increased in numbers as he and his proposed "solution" rose to the position of the dictator of Germany. At that time, almost no one suspected for Hitler, the highly persuasive and intellegent man, to be capable of performing the massive genocide that later followed his rise to power. This is partially why people are so fascinated with the study of the Holocaust, since it is practically a miracle that the people of Germany could become so easily persuaded by such a man, when his proposed ideas are so inhumane and illogical to the common mind.

Soon after his rise to power, he began applying the Nuremburg Laws in order to make the massive killing of the Undesireables legal. Once the laws were applied, it was much too difficult for Hitler to be stopped. Hitler's ingenious plans prevented him from being sued from other countries, but he still took many precautionary actions in order to avoid having his proposterous plans become discovered by the other countries. As we now know, if...

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