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Mein Kampf Volume Ii In Depth (A Face Of Fascism

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Hitler begins the second volume of Mein Kampf by referring to his party's 25-point program that had already been introduced at a gathering of more than 2000 people, and the thinking behind the construction of those 25 points. He alludes to the fact that the party's program had to contain theses that were different from the mainstream and even radical or revolutionary in structure and in ideology. In other words, to make any kind of far reaching impact on the masses, and to simultaneously offer them solutions that had never been offered to them before, the ideas contained in his party's program had to be of revolutionary significance. The ideology behind his party's movement had to be unique to the point of being an ideology the composition of which had never before been used by anyone at anytime. All of the theses contained in the party's 25-point program were naturally based in part on Hitler's view of nationalism and subsequently his goal of a racially and internationally independent Reich. He mentions that in order for any party to gain the support of the people, which in his mind was a prerequisite for any party's survival, then that party had to have ideals that would virtually become sacred in the hearts of the people. Furthermore, by merely repeating the old ideologies and the theses that supported those old ideologies and methods of thinking, a party could not truly give the people that something that they would hold as sacred.Feeding on the idea of creating revolutionary ideas for his own party, Hitler alludes to the mistakes made by other parties, including parties of Western Democracy. Hitler maintains that most parties, especially those with weak or in essence reused mainstream ideas, find the need to change and otherwise reconstruct their ideals and particular stands on issues when it at last appears that the majority of the people have changed their stand on these same issues. In other words, he maintains that most parties' bend and yield in a manner consistent with the wants and desires of the people they govern. This in the eyes of Hitler is an indication of a weak party with weak ideas and furthermore, shows absolutely no ingenuity or creativity and thus the leaders of these types of parties are really in no more shape to govern than the people they are called to govern. He references these types of parties when he says "These people change their convictions as often as a soldier changes his shirt in war - after it has been bug eaten." This quote refers to those parties who basically yield to the wants and desires of the people by changing their ideals and programs to coincide with the demands of the people. Hitler furthermore refers to these same types of parties as being more concerned with their ideological alignment with the people they govern rather than the duties for which they have been called to fulfill. Basically these parties' ideals need to change in respect to the changing ideals of the population, which in turn have...

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