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Mekong River Essay

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There are many solutions for the future that could be done. Dams along the Mekong threaten many things on land and in the water. When fish migrate in the Mekong they are mostly anadroumos fish, so they go upstream. Since there are dams all along the river it is hard for these fish to try and go upstream. They cannot go through the dams but if each company invested money on a fish ladder this problem could be solved. The fish could go right up and around the dams and make it to the other side and migrate freely. Also, they should make fish screens so they can pass safely through the turbines. This is also hard to do for the companies because they need to make money. Another idea that they ...view middle of the document...

Also, trash gets into the water, which can affect the cleanness of the water. Many larger animals are having problems with this because the river is changing. Soil erosion must be reduced and we have to create stronger banks on the river so this doesn’t happen and kill fish.

Pollution along the Mekong River has been starting to become a problem. There are many organizations that are trying to conserve the river. One of these organizations is the Mekong River Commission. The Mekong River Commission is an agency that works with the countries along the Mekong to develop, share and manage the Mekong. All of the countries along the Mekong are part of this commission except China. China wants to continue to build more dams and get energy for their massive country so they did not join the treaty. They are trying to sustain the Mekong river basin and the river so that it does not become polluted. They have also done many things to help the river. They have been trying to regulate the amount of water that each of the farmers use. They do not want anyone to overuse the river because some many people need access to it. By 2025 the inland fisheries in the Mekong River are expected to reach 100 million (Mekong River Commission). Since so many people are planned to be living here we have to not let any industrial waste in the river. It is crucial to keep the river clean in order to support this amount of people. This organization is helping the people of the Mekong and the river itself and it is only one of many that are doing this. It has started to take greater steps in trying to help the river in the future.

Finally, a solution for water in the Mekong is too using it more efficiently. We always want the water to reach the sea and if people do not use this water efficiently it might not even make it to the South China Sea. They need to have better ways to irrigate plants and only take what they need because the Mekong needs to be helped so it stays like this in the future. If they do this then this river will stay a resource to millions of people for many years to come.

The Mekong River needs to be preserved. If no one helps it then it might be polluted and completely changed. This river is getting worse every year and organizations and the people of the Mekong all have to...

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