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Melanoma: The Most Dangerous Forms Of All Skin Cancer

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Melanoma is known to be the most dangerous forms of all skin cancers.
These brown coloured cancerous growths develop when unrepaired DNA has committed damage to the body’s skin cells. It is known that it is the most commonly triggered by vigorous amounts of sunshine, over excessive use of tanning bed and UV lights which result in making mutations in the skin that produces the skin cells to over multiply at a quick rate which can eventually form nasty tumours.
How is Melanoma caused?
Melanoma is caused by over exposure to UV which can sometimes cause sunburn, it can be especially critical to those whom are inclined to the disease itself. The tumours derive in the pigment-producing melanocytes which are inside the basal layer of the epidermis.

From the picture above you can clearly see that melanoma looks quite similar to a normal mole and some develop from moles themselves. Usually they are dark brown or black in colour but in some cases they can also be the colour of the skin or rare colours of blue and white.
Melanoma death rate:
Through research statistics show that just in the US alone around 8,790 people are affected and killed by this cancer.
If melanoma is diagnosed and treated at its early stages of development then it will be curable, however in some situations this isn’t treated early where it gives the cancer the opportunity to advance and develop which can spread to other areas of the body, if this happens it can become very difficult to treat and can become critical. Although it is known to be the most deadly of all the forms of skin cancers it isn’t the most common.

Having normal moles on your skin its self can become a risk factor to developing melanoma but it’s essential to remember that a majority of moles do not develop into melanoma.
Transmission of Melanoma:
Melanoma is a non-communicable disease. It isn’t transmitted as an infectious disease. It’s based around the actual spreading of the disease its self and the areas of the body its spread to and the stage it’s currently at.
Who can get Melanoma?
Those who obtain fair skin which is a high majority of people also those who work in the sun continuously e.g life guards on hot sunny beaches & builders, Also previous generations in families with previous history of cancers are highly likely to develop this skin disease.
What are the main categories of melanoma?
There are around three main types to Melanoma…
• Cutaneous Melanoma: which is melanoma of the skin, most pigment cells which are produced are usually found in the skin, this is also the most common type of melanoma to be found on a person.
• Mucosal Melanoma: this transpires in any parts of the mucous membrane in the body. For example the bodies nasal passages & the throat.
• Ocular Melanoma: two other names for this is called Uveal Melanoma & Choroidal Melanoma. These are said to be the rarest forms of melanoma which can occur in the eyes.
Unlike other cancers which we can develop, melanoma can often be...

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