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Mellsy’s Outline For Research Paper

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Mellsy’s Outline for Research Paper

Have you ever thought about volunteering your time to a local charity or community organization? There are many different reasons for you to start volunteering your services: To help others, to learn about an activity or organization that interests you, to beat boredom if you find yourself sitting around the house feeling totally bored, volunteering in an activity you enjoy can be a great way to change things, to overcome a loss you have experienced one of the best ways to help yourself in a time of loss is to help others, to gain perspective on life there is no better way to understand your blessings than to help people in need. Your reasons for volunteering are as individual as you are, but no matter what your reasons you can get a lot out of volunteering. You can learn about yourself, learn about others and meet a lot of interesting people by volunteering. You can help others as you help yourself.

By Definition of Community Service, which is: "services that are identified by an institution of higher education, through formal or informal consultation with local nonprofit, governmental, and community-based organizations, as designed to improve the quality of life for community residents, particularly low-income individuals, or to solve particular problems related to their needs; I chose to discuss this particular subject because it hits home. I’m very active in anything that takes place my community and I would do anything to make sure it stays a safe environment for all the young children in it. (Webster’s Dictionary)

Adolescence is a time for young people to define their place in the family, peer groups, and the larger community. During this stage of their lives, youth struggle with the transition from childhood to adulthood. During childhood, they depended mainly on their parents for economic and emotional support and direction. In adulthood, though, they will be expected to achieve independence and make choices about school, work, and personal relationships that will affect every aspect of their future. For some young people, the usual challenges of adolescence are compounded by difficult family situations, overcrowded classrooms, disintegrating neighborhoods, or exposure to alcohol or other drugs. Without support and guidance, these young people may fall victim to behaviors that place them, and others, at risk. In our society, those behaviors include dropping out of school, running away from home, joining gangs, and using alcohol or drugs or becoming involved in other law-breaking behaviors. Some youth may become despondent, leading to academic problems, social isolation, or self-destructive behavior. (

The mission for adolescent and adult community service is to develop compassion and the spirit of service and charity in elementary, middle and high school. With that said, community service workers provide young people and adults with hands-on volunteer...

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