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Melodious Sensation Essay

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“You must work with history to make history,” that is my aphorism. I have been stating this original quote since I was in the seventh grade, and I wanted to be a singer and perform with exceptional artist like Chris Brown, Alicia Keys, and even Jennifer Hudson. But as I grew up and progressed to the eighth grade I wanted to be a rapper and perform with people like Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa and become famous like The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. Then in the tenth and eleventh grade I got into the technology and production of music and fell in love with music. I wanted to bring what is called Underground Rap to the surface. I wanted to work with lyricists like MGK, Logic, Earl Sweatshirt and vocalists like August Alsina and Jason Derulo, etc. With all these ideas swirling around in my head I ask myself the important questions. What is life without music? What is a movie with a soundtrack? Most importantly… what is a culture influenced by media without anything decent to listen to or watch?
The career of Music Producer/Audio Engineer is a stimulating occupation, because of all the exhilarating places you get to travel to and people you are able to become acquainted with throughout your career. The research will describe the career of Music Producer/Audio Engineer, what is required to become a successful Music Producer/Audio Engineer, and the impact this career has on society.
Even though recorded music goes as far back as 1857, it wasn’t really turned into a commercial profession until around the 1900s. Because of the primitive nature of the recording equipment, the recordist acted as more of an archivist rather than a producer in the fact that he was just trying to capture the music onto a medium suitable for reproduction. The composers, arrangers, and band leaders of the day had final say in regards to the direction and style of the music, just as many still do today. Numerous pioneers of the era including Ralph Peer and Lester Melrose began to record less accessible and popular forms of music in an endeavor to target specific audiences with the music they were recording. The producers of this period were part talent scout, part entrepreneur, and part technician, sometimes going on location and holding immense auditions until they found the music that they thought to be unique. They were also some of the people who eventually gave the music industry and record label executives a bad name by stealing copyrights, not paying royalties and stereotyping groups of people with terms like “hill billy” and “race” music.
As the music industry developed, record labels began to make use of men specifically to discover talent, and then drive that talent through the recording process. These were known as Artist and Repertoire men or A&R men that were, in fact, the first indication of the producer that we know today. Unlike the A&R men of today who are mostly talent scouts and product managers, A&R people of that period were usually well educated in music,...

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