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“The Great Melting Pot”
     Many times when you live in a certain area you do start to pick up on the other cultures around you. No matter what state you live in there are many cultures blending together. Many people do blend the other cultures of the people around them into their own culture. I’ve lived in many states and was able to experience this first hand. All my friends have all picked up on the culture around them from wither their family or friends. All the time I see the cultures blending together. Even if you try to keep your own culture, the culture around you just sneaks in and you don’t even realize it.
     I’ve lived in Texas for more than ten years now; so now I don’t really notice the Mexican culture as I used to. You just drive down any street and can see signs advertising “Tex-Mex” or “Mexican food.” The “Tex-Mex” just shows how much we do integrate the Mexican food in our own food. Many of the menus in these restaurants do have Spanish words on them. Even the decors in these restaurants have Spanish influences. You quickly learn what “El Baño” means.(bathroom) You even have restaurants like Taco Bell and Taco Cabana being nation wide chains. Most of the towns in Texas have more Mexican food restaurants than any other kind. The Hispanic culture is spreading around the country, for instance, Picante is the number one condiment is the United states.
     Even our school is integrating the Hispanic culture. In San Antonio, we have Fiesta every April. During this time, San Antonio has the Battle of Flowers parade, on that day the schools have a holiday, even some city office have the day off. Last year I went to an Elementary school to help out a teacher. I could see a piñata hanging in the room. Even the posters in the room had to do with the Hispanic culture. Of course, if you ask any child in school what their favorite day is in the cafeteria most will reply that Mexican food day is their favorite. Many times even in the dress in school you see a Hispanic connection

     At school, many times I did see many ladies wearing brightly colored dresses. A couple of years back I remember that the fad was to wear the big old potato...

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