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Memo/Email Assignment

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Date: November 8, 2010

To: All Capital Insurance employees

From: Robin Baskin, Office Manager

Subject: Excessive tardiness/call-ins

I am writing you on behalf of the recent increase of tardiness and call-ins on the job. It has become so excessive that the head manager and I held a short meeting ...view middle of the document...

Starting tomorrow the following changes will take place:

Call-ins: will only be considered excused if an excuse letter is brought in the following day that you return. Ex. Doctor's note

Tardiness: if you will be late for any reason, be sure to notify me ahead of time. The tardy may or may not be considered excused.

Record: a record will be kept of unexcused call-ins and tardiness of every employee. No one should have more than one unexcused call-in a month. If it exceeds this then a write up will follow.

I trust that everyone will take the new strict guidelines sincerely so that

termination and replacement will not be an end result for all employees.

Thanks in advance for the improvement.

[Type text] Capital Insurance Agency

736 Wesley Rd.

Atlanta, Georgia 73929

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