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I have enclosed all the necessary points for using plain language in our everyday life. These points should help you present the topic at the employee orientation scheduled next week.
Language is an essential part of communications therefore it should always be plain, clear, and understandable. It gets the audience closer to speaker (understanding speaker’s view) rather than keeping them remote. It is always preferred to keep the sentences short and simple rather than using complex words and complicating the written or verbal interaction.
There are various sentence types ranging from simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences. Simple sentences are straightforward consisting ...view middle of the document...

Usually in corporate world most of the managers just scans the required information rather than actually going through the whole email since time is money for them. Human tends to get attracted towards short matter more quickly likewise mention the important points either at the start or at the end of an email or notice. Also, one should always focus on the important matter. Avoid using vague information so that reader do not have to go back and forth while reading.
Use complex sentences to downplay the sad news so that the reader do not lose the advantage of the deal. There are two types of voices in a verb: active and passive. Passive voice takes away the interest of the reader unless you want to broadcast any depressing report or news. However, in certain situations active voice can sound too demanding or harmful, for specimen: The rules for credit cards have been changed and existing credit cards are not valid.
It is a good idea to point out directly on the topic rather than taking the reader all around the information. Evade awkward shifts from active voice to passive. Uphold the sensitivity of the topic by going in to passive voice whenever necessary.
Chronological order is best when explaining procedure. It is a good habit to compare your ideas to others and have contractions however, do not forget active and passive voice while keeping up your ideas. Every time you make any claim remember to support it with some evidence. Have a good quality of logical coherences that is being logical and consistent with your judgments.
In turn to avoid grammar error or awkwardness in sentences make use of sentence fragments, run-ons, commas, modifiers, omission of unwanted/repetitive words, and using where and when combination suitably. While moving from one point to another maintain the consistency within the sentences and also, it should be uninterrupted transition. It is always a good practice to have somebody edit your work.

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