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Memorial Day Weekend : Part One Saturday

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Part One, Saturday

Nathan and Daniel have been friends for as long as they can remember. The started school on the same day when they were five years old and have been in the same classes ever since. This Friday afternoon they graduate from high school and this weekend, Memorial Day weekend, they both turn 18 years old; Nathan’s birthday is Saturday and Daniel’s on Sunday. This fall they both head off to college and to play baseball; after all those hours playing in the desert sun, they both earned a scholarship to play baseball with the Sun Devils of Arizona State University.

The young men are picture perfect athletes, they could have just competed in the Ancient Greek Olympic games. The sun had bronzed their skin everywhere possible and their bodies were Greek temples to good eating and living. Nathan stands 6’ 4 with short blond hair and plays shortstop with his natural instincts and strong throwing arm. When he swings at the plate, his strong arms and legs moved with a graceful power that inspired his high school put together a calendar of the team to help raise money for new uniforms. Daniel is a 6’ 1” left handed pitcher with a body cut from Italian marble. He smooth skin glistens with sweat and his muscles flex with every pitch; his powerful legs and gluts are on the mind of all the girls in the stands, and even some of the mothers long after the game is over.

Samantha Summers is Nathan’s mother and Wendy Levin is Daniel’s mother; they have been friends for almost as long as their sons have. Both Samantha and Wendy became young single mothers after both their boyfriends were not ready for fatherhood. Both took a great interest in their sons lives; taking part in all the school activities, getting to know all their teachers, being a part of the PTA and being at every baseball game their sons played from the time they were in T-Ball. Samantha and Wendy met at a PTA meeting, when they found out their sons were the same age and were already best friends in school, they too became close friends. When they found out they both had the same birthday, this Monday, Memorial Day, everything seemed perfect.

Both mothers had plenty of chance to remarry as their boys got older -- Samantha is a southern belle from outside Dallas with looks that even now at 41 could land her on the Cowboys’ cheerleading team. She is smart and funny while working in the marketing department at a hotel and golf resort, and says everything in her sweet as pie southern accent, no one can stay mad at her for long. Almost always walking around in her tight blue jeans and boots, she could not sneak up on anyone with her boots on; and with her ten gallon cowboy hat on over her long, blond hair and “ILUVBOYS“ license plate on her SUV, she’s a hard woman to forget. Wendy is a no nonsense 39 year old woman who dresses for comfort whenever possible, her standard driving around uniform are yoga pants and a t-shirt around her well conditioned body. When not working...

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