Memories Of That Seemingly Normal Day...

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Memories of That Seemingly Normal Day…I remember when I crashed and broke my leg like it was yesterday, unfortunately. I was out riding my bike with Cameron and Bud just like I always did. We went down our little dirt trail, rode up and down the Aldapes parking lot, and went down to Texico for some cheap drinks and snacks. It was just another normal day of life...We sat around Texico for a little bit and relaxed with our drinks and snacks. Then we rode around the parking lot a little bit. Then Cameron wanted to go to the estates to go to his grandma's really quick. As me and Bud were waiting, we found some dirt hills around the side of Texico and were messing around on them. I was the first to go down this medium sized hill. I flew down it, hopped off the curb, and rode back down the street. Then, I went back into the parking lot and back to where our spot was located. Next, everyone else went down the hill and we met back up.Next to the medium sized hill was a small one that was just enough of a slope to be a nice way to get down to the street so we could leave quickly. Bud and Cameron went down the hill, and stayed at the bottom by the street to wait for me. I went down perfectly, but at the bottom there was a lot of sand that I didn't notice. I was going too fast and the sand caused my bike to turn sharply and skid onto the street. I fell over and squished my leg against the street and my bike crank. I didn't feel any immediate pain, I even tried to get right back up after I had crashed. I was laughing and joking around, but then I felt that I had done something to my leg. I didn't hurt very badly but since I couldn't move it at all I could tell there was something seriously wrong.Cameron tried talking me through small tests to see what had happened to it and to see whether I could just get back up and ride out of there. At the time my knee was bent up and we tried getting me to straighten it out. As I was trying to I moved it too much and I had an eerie feeling of a bone wiggling inside my flesh. I hadn't ever broken a bone before this, so I couldn't believe I had broken it! I had always expected a broken bone to be unbelievably painful, but it wasn't that bad to me. Cameron kept assuring me that it wasn't broken, because he said if it was I would be crying, and I wasn't. But you can never trust everything good ol' Cameron says!I had chosen to wear pants that day because I knew I would be doing some fast riding, and shorts always blow in the wind. It was a really good thing that I did. My pants were still over my leg, so I decided to lift them up to see what my leg looked like. I wanted to make sure it was just bruised and didn't have a bone sticking out of it. When I pulled them up, it looked like my leg had been turned...

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