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Memories Of The Camps Essay

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Memories of the Camps The movie was something unlike I had ever seen before. I did not think that a movie with real footage such as that even existed. The holocaust is something we have always heard about, and something that Hollywood has made many movies about. But seeing this film made it seem like even more of a reality to me. Seeing those people barely alive, or not even at all made me wonder what each person was like. I am half Jewish, race wise, through my Dad's side of the family, so it makes me wonder if I have some distant relative who was put in one of those camps. It hits closer to home knowing that I might not have been born if my Jewish relatives had not left Germany before the holocaust.I have never had to deal with the hardship of being persecuted for my race or religion like those people did. I could not even imagine how horrible that must have been for them. It would be especially hard for children, they would not understand why thing like this were happening to them and their family. Babies who were born into the camps probably had mental disorders when they were older from the childhood traumas they experienced. When the camps were liberated the children had things they had never had before One thing I can not comprehend is how the Nazi soldiers could be so cruel. They must have had no consciences to not feel guilty about what they did. Their cruelty is well depicted in the part of the movie where it shows the train full of people who were abandoned and left die. Many of the other scenes disturbed me even more so then that though. When the barbed wire beds they were forced to sleep on were showed I couldn't believe it. One of the most horrific...

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