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Memories Will Never Be Forgotten Essay

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Even though there are many people that deny that the Holocaust happened, Auschwitz is known as the biggest killing concentration camp that has ever existed. If individuals were in a concentration camp life was not easy, one was not treated like a prince or princess. Elie Wiesel says in his book Night “I did not move. What had happened to me? My father had just been struck, before my very eyes, and I had not flickered an eyelid.” Many people were tortured, beaten, and lived miserable lives. Life in a concentration camp was hell for anyone whether one was a guard or a prisoner. Even though many people do not believe that the Holocaust happened, Auschwitz was known as the biggest concentration camp that has ever existed.
It is hard to deny that Auschwitz never happened, because of the large amounts of people who were killed in this concentration camp. Auschwitz was located in Oswiecim, Poland(4). It was established because the central intersection of roads and railways(4). It was a place where Jews were sent from all over Europe to undergo a selection to decide whether an individual would be worked to death or burned to death depending on size, gender, age, and health(4). Many of those who did not make it were burned or they suffocated in a gas chambers(4). Auschwitz was known as the world’s largest torture center(4).
Auschwitz started in the 20th century in January 1940 (10). It was built/established in 1940.(2)Gas chambers and crematories were opened in March of 1943.(4) They wanted to add another building to the camp.(2)They finally got the building on May 26th, 1940.(2)
The size of Auschwitz-Birkenau was extremely big.(2) Auschwitz 1 held fifteen thousand to twenty thousand people and sometimes more than that.(2) Birkenau held ninety thousand prisoners by 1944.(2)The camps were 40 square kilometers(15.44 miles).(2) There were 51 subcamps.(4) Auschwitz 1 was the main camp.(4) Auschwitz 2 was Birkenau, it opened on October 8th 1941.(4) Auschwitz 3 was known as Monowitz, it opened on May 31st 1942.(4) There were one hundred and fifty five thousand inmates including those in the sub-camps.(4) In Auschwitz there were eighteen thousand people in December of 1942, but in March of 1943 there were thirty thousand people.(4) In the fall of 1943 the population of Auschwitz was over eighty thousand inmates.(4) There were 18,437 in the main camp, 49,114 in Birkenau, and 13,288 in Monowitz.(4) Up to fifty thousand prisoners were scattered around all of the sub-camps.(4) On the last role that was taken at Auschwitz on January 18th 1945, there were sixty four thousand inmates.(4)
The owners/runners of Auschwitz were Adolf Hitler and Dr.Mengele(1)(8). Adolf Hitler commanded his German army (Nazi’s) around to punish/torture the Jews(1). Some of his Nazi’s were SS camp officers.(1) Dr.Mengele was the camp’s doctor.(8) Mengele was known as the Angel of Death.(8) He did experiments with twins; torturing twins and trying different scientific methods such as...

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