Memory Accuracy Improved With Eye Closure And Focused Meditation

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Does eye closure improve memory recall of an eyewitness? Many researchers that have conducted multiple studies on this topic have asked this question. With eye closure, one can block out external factors that are distracting when trying to produce a mental image, increasing their memory of an event that was witnessed. According to, Reisberg (2013) during visual perception and visual imagery, the same areas of brain tissue are equally active. Therefore, when witnessing a live event then being tested on it, the accuracy of the answers can decline because of the brain recreating the event as a visual image and having disturbances. By closing your eyes, you are lessening the chance of mixing up thoughts thus causing error in memory (Vredeveldt & Penrod, 2013). The concept of eye-closure is related to meditating which causes relaxation of the mind. Previous research showed that when one relaxes their mind, they could concentrate more on recalling an event because they are blocking out all other visual and auditory interruptions (Wagstaff et al. 2010). Results from other studies demonstrated strong evidence that supported the idea of eye closure effecting memory when recalling an event that was witnessed.
According to Wagstaff et al. (2010) after conducting three experiments it was noted that, combining eye closure with focused meditation can possibly be more helpful then using just one in certain situations. Similarly, although it is not as popular or widely used as it once was, hypnosis can still be used as a way to help people remember things. This is because they both produce very alike results. With meditation participants could put themselves in a very relaxed state, assisting with blocking out unnecessary and disrupting thoughts. Along with meditation eye closure is another way that one can remember things better. This is because when a person closes their eyes they are shutting out everything around them, in which case allows them to more accurately recall visual and auditory memories by eliminating any possible distractions they may encounter. After Wagstaff et al. (2010) did the three ‘Focused Meditation’ the results showed that when trying to bring back a memory using ‘Focused Meditation’, it could possibly be more efficient and contain fewer faults when combined with eye closure. Also, they found that ‘Focused Meditation’ together with eye closure could be not only unaffected by inaccurate data but also lessen the amount of incorrect memory descriptions that are given by a witness. But even if a witness were not comfortable with the eye closure procedure along with ‘Focused Meditation’ they would still be able to get a fairly accurate memory. Regardless, it appears to be more reasonable, time efficient, and trustworthy to have a quick ‘Focused Meditation’ and eye closure process in place of a more in depth Cognitive Interview when there is limited time available.
Correspondingly to Wagstaff et al. (2010), Perfect, Andrade,...

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