Memory Management Ways To Improve Your Memory (Including The Time Factor)

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Before showing each memory improvement method, I will provide an example for you to remember. Take this list for example: Read through the list (once), pausing at each item as necessary and after the last item, recall as many as possible without viewing the list.blueclownwindmillladderbeltsoundChristmasessaydiscsquareHow many did you get? Most people remember the first couple (because they focus on those words) and the last two (because they are still in short-term memory). Unfortunately, remembering 4 words out of 10 wouldn't be regarded as a passing mark. Some people may remember the first and last 3, or maybe a couple from the middle, but it still means that you are missing something.Suppose you are picking up ingredients for dinner tonight without a list and you only remember half or even 8 of the 10 ingredients. Obviously, each extra ingredient you remember will provide you with more chance of making the dinner or at least having some ingredients to make something else if necessary.Now, go through the list again - pausing at each item as necessary and then see how many you remember. Is it more than last time? It should be. In fact, if you read through the list over and over you'd probably memorize the order of the list as well which gets me to memory trick #1Trick #1: RepetitionSpend some time going through various lists, spending varying amounts of times for each different list and see how long it takes you to remember. Staring at a word for 5 minutes isn't effective if you can remember it by looking at it for just 2 minutes. Likewise, glancing at each word for 2 seconds might require you to read the whole list again which slows you down. This simple exercise will help you determine how long you should spend studying lists of words including vocabulary for other languages, for example.Look at the list again that I gave you before. How did you remember the words? Did you store the words in your memory? Did you visualise each word in a picture of some sort?Trick #2: VisualizationTry to link all of the words together into one big picture.A clown with an undone belt holding an essay and a square disc standing next to a blue ladder in front of a windmill which is playing a Christmas sound.Of course, there are many varieties on how you could visualise the words as a picture, but try to remember what's in the picture now - ask the questions: "what's in the background?", "what's in the foreground?"How many did you remember this time? More than 4 I'm sure. The reason for this is simple. For one, you have just used repetition on the list to help you remember the 10 words. You have created one 'space' in your memory for that list and then you know that about half of those words are foreground objects and half are background objects.In this particular example, I have split the list up equally:Foreground: clown, square, disc, essay, beltBackground: blue, windmill, Christmas, sound, ladderIn fact, I recalled those 10 items without performing much...

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