Memory Turmoil Essay

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The trauma pill could help people with traumatic thoughts. They could experience less of the hardship if they take the pill. Even so, the trauma pill is proven to be ineffective. Our memory consists of thoughts and these thoughts cannot just be rid of. Also the trauma pill has only been tested on some people after traumatic events. It has not been tested on most of the people. Maybe the people who experience less painful memories after they have taken the pill shows that is just how their mind works. And their mind is not similar to most of the other people. The trauma pill could have side effects the scientists have not discovered in the pill yet. They have not been working on the pill for a long amount of time already. Overall, the trauma pill has fewer pros than cons.Our memory has its duties it needs to process no matter what. That is just the way our memory works for us. The pill does not put a gap in a specific part of our memory. Our memory keeps all information good or bad in our mind. It can not just keep the good information and rid of the bad ones. Even after the pill is taken, the effects are only temporary. Our memory recovers eventually over time. For example, it's like a cut on our skin forms a scab and then grows new skin. Memory can not be erased but can be restored.It is not certain if the trauma pill truly prevents PSTD. Coincidentally, there is not much of a difference between people who has taken propranolol than the people that did not take any treatments at all. It could have been possible that is just the way our body reacted at that time. Our body does not stay constant for a long period of time. These treatments prevent our memory's accessibility. It could prevent us from remember the tiniest and some of the most common sense things. This...

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