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Last week, I got back from Cali, worked a couple of days, and then went home to NC for Thanksgiving. Got a call from Duke. They wait listed me. Well, at least I didn't get an outright rejection. So, I guess I'll have to wait another year.Ate like a hog at home. Yes, I admit it. I am beyond spoiled when I go home. Saw one of my mother's friends who just got a pacemaker installed. I am happy to say that she is making a fast recovery. My mom made friends with a Taiwanese research scientist who had been at NIH for 6 months. She was gonna leave last Sunday, and had not seen anything but NIH for a whole 6 months. What a typical Chinese trait! LOL So, I drove them to see a little bit of the Capital in Raleigh, Duke University and UNC.I played video games at Greg's place last weekend. He just got the Xbox. But, I wanted to play the new Metal Gear game. Later, Greg introduced me to Grand Theft Auto! What a great game! I loved it and played for who knows how many hours. Oh by the way, you can always tell when I play video games because I develop fat pimples! Darn it "" when is that crap gonna end! Got back last Saturday to really bad business news. I really need your prayers right now for wise and fast business executions. Storm is coming! I just hope I have the constitution and resources to withstand this storm. Yo, you better pray. Or, I may come after your job! LOL I left for Atlanta late Sunday, and arrived around 2:00 AM. I set the alarm clock for 7 AM. But, I over slept! Shoottt! I woke up around 8 AM, and pounced out of bed. Hollered at my sister to ask if she could drive me to the airport. You just never know about Atlanta's traffic on Monday mornings. So, we dashed off. Got to the airport around 8:30 AM. Thank you God for the HOV lane. Otherwise, I woulda got the shaft! So, I checked in and guess what? I got the lucky random check ticket. Yea random my freaking ass. Hell yea, I know I am being profiled. Give me a break! Got to Detroit and picked up a car to roll out. The National guy tried really hard to upgrade me into a PT Cruiser. I declined because I think the car looks like a mini-hearse! Passed a long rolling stretch limo while listening to the new Kid Rock song. Wonder if it was Kid Rock and Pamela doing another video! Ha haaa. Finally got to the hotel, and found out that they cancelled the Monday show. Meet with Mike Booher. He is a speaker from MN. We had lunch at Tim Hortons. It's a pretty good restaurant. I wonder why it's not down here yet? Mike Boohr is an interesting fellow. He graduated from Uminn Law School and got a defensive gig in St.Louis, MO. He loved the trial aspect of law. But, he hated the politics, long-hours and all the legwork in the field. He simply loved to debate and talk to people. The two courtroom trials that he attended a year just were not enough to hold him in the profession. His mother was crushed when she heard his decision. However, Mike told her that all the partners and jr. partners at the firm really...

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1149 words - 5 pages interrogations” conducted in President Bush's war on terrorism (Bybee). Another memo that was signed off by Donald Rumsfeld approved a series of severe interrogation techniques including subjecting the captive to nudity and using their phobias to induce stress (Haynes). Clearly, the contents of these memos prove that the use of harsh torture methods were both allowed and supported by high-ranking officials. In addition, Rumsfeld’s scribbled comment

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759 words - 3 pages , language and travel, time and expense or custom applications. It can even track your golf scores. The backlit LCD screen lets you see all that information with razor sharp clarity. The long-life battery lets you take it on the road for weeks. The Palm Vx connected organizer has enough memory to hold everything you want to pack into it including calendars, address books, to do lists, expense items, memos and e-mail messages. All of which are

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1025 words - 4 pages work on time due to traffic jam, he suggested to his boss, Bob Arnold and to the president, John Kingston, a flexible working time table from 7am to 3pm, instead of 9am to 6pm as normal. The suggestion was approved. With this new time table, Barton felt pleasant not having to meet Spinner in the early 2 hours every day. He began to communicate with Spinner via memos and notes. This way had been effective for Barton's work because a confrontation

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850 words - 4 pages , 2013) This change was communicated to all levels of the McDonald’s corporate family and advertising campaigns were developed to clearly communicate the change to the customers. (Munarriz, 2013) Posters, commercials, signs, flyers, ads, memos, and additional training were all used to not only make sure the customers knew about the change, and hopefully embraced it, but to also make sure the employees understood and embraced the change. Challenges

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966 words - 4 pages with each passing second. Time zone differences do not stand in the way of being productive in any work environment. Cultures are coming together and people of varied color, creed and race are part of one large workforce.In this environment, communicating in an efficient, yet proper manner following business etiquette becomes extremely vital. In the past, business communication was about sending memos, writing business letters and so on. With

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2467 words - 10 pages continued to protect individual liberties such as that of the first and fourth amendments. The once top-secret Carter administration memos regarding FISA offer a first-hand glimpse at the thinking that went into passing FISA and helps the reader understand what deliberations went into the process. From the very first memo discussing the best course of action to make it seem like the President was in favor of such legislation that wanted to put more

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1600 words - 6 pages different information to be included in them. For example a persuasive document will need reasons and evidence to back up any argument. Miscommunication may occur if the purpose of a document is unclear to reader. Roger Boisjoly, an engineer for MTI, sent a memo to his superior regarding the faulty O rings which caused the Challenger space shuttle failure to inform him of the danger before the launch. The memos purpose was to inform the reader

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556 words - 2 pages Methodology Essay, Week 9 Documents offer researchers a valuable tool for gaining unobtrusive insight into study subjects. Documents, which Hatch defines as “official written communication”, may take many forms, including manuals, newsletters, emails, memos, policy statements, and more (Hatch, 2002, p.117). They may be utilized in qualitative research to gain a view into official practices, beliefs, and policies in a manner that is far less

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568 words - 2 pages business. The article states that what we know about economics of organization makes this an "unlikely description of real criminal organizations." First of all the larger the organization, the harder it is to control than smaller ones. Legitimate businesses have the advantage of making use of memos, reports, evaluations and other things of that nature. Therefore, "informational diseconomies of scale" show us that criminal organizations would be

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590 words - 2 pages literacy test has a mandatory program to learn how to write memos, do basic accounting and provide customer service. One student began a class on how to operate a cash register. (DePalma, Anthony A3) Just working for welfare will just continue for years.There are many workfare recipients who are out raged at this workfare program. Not because they are lazy, but because it doesn't help them get a job. One of them Zoila Almonte who is a mother of

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