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Suzanne Fields in her essay ‘Parental Leave is a Myth-take’ exemplifies the traditional view that women should be the one’s staying to raise the children. She doesn’t support the Parental Leave Bill that would allow fathers the right to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from work, to care for a newborn child. I will dispute her position that fathers have the ability to nurture their babies and that passing the Parental Leave Bill will not affect those women who choose to stay home with their children.
Fields opposes the granting of 12 weeks of unpaid leave for fathers after the birth of their newborns (Title,1). “If Congress mandates that society look upon both parents as equals after childbirth,” she notes, “shouldn’t we expect mommy to go back to work as soon as daddy does?” (7) Fields prefers the Family Protection Act, which “asks companies to show hiring preference to those who have been out of the work force for up to six years because they chose to raise children” (10). Fathers are “not recovering from carrying extra pounds for months” or “labor pains” she contends (3). Fathers can’t breast feed, Fields argues (5). Fathers should be out working to support the family, she believes, not at home “burping junior” (6).
Fields contends Congress may revoke the rights of mothers rather than granting rights to fathers. Throughout history Congress has been challenged with task of balancing the scales of inequity. Usually, Congress allocate rights to those discriminated against. From the Civil Rights Act of the 60’s to the Americans with Disabilities Act of the 90’s; Congress has a long standing record of bestowing rights rather that taking them away. It would only seem reasonable to assume that Congress would act in the same manner in the case of Parental Leave.
The Family Protection Act may discriminate against workers remaining in the workplace. The Family Protection Act proposes that company show hiring preference to those out of the workplace for up to six years because they were home caring for children. The law doesn’t mandate how a company show preference, it leaves that up to the company. Some companies may not choose to give hiring preference. While, others companies many give hiring preference to parents returning to the work force. Depending how the companies implement this policy may bias or discriminate workers currently employed. Therefore, the Family Protection Act is no a viable alternative to the Parental Leave Act.
Because they are not recovering from major surgery, men are well suited to care for both mother and baby. ...

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