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Men’s magazines always publish contents that concern topic of interest to their audience: alcoholic beverages, sporty automobiles, hunting and fishing and, of course, dating. Some famous magazines, for instance Playboy, also have interviews with the rich and famous celebrities. Sexual matters are often a topic of joke in daily life and in magazines. Therefore, mainstay of such magazines is not the news, advice, humor, or fiction, but the photograph of beautiful young women wearing little clothing. As a result, advertisement for a men’s magazine in anywhere around the world would appeal to the similar structure, attractiveness of sexy models. Humor sometime could be used to make the sales ...view middle of the document...

In addition, the angle that audiences will observer the model is the second effectiveness of this advertisement. The model shows her back to the audience; therefore, her face is not the main point of the whole picture. The viewer is encouraged to see the model as an object rather than as a subject. The emphasis of the picture is on her body, or on the physical rather than the personal. The model wears a simple, green top that exposes her midriff, a charm bracelet, and a white mini-skirt. A small, simple, black purse is slung over her right shoulder. She is the largest object in the picture, and she is the closest to the image’s center, her positioning within the picture, like her size, emphasizing her over everything else that is depicted in the advertisement. Next to the figure of the young woman herself, the most outstanding prop in the picture is her skirt. At the bottom of her skirt, some of the tassels of which are missing, revealing the parts of her buttocks. The tassels, which are short, rectangular strips, bear printed text that is too small to read. However, on the seat of her skirt, in red cursive lettering, below which is an arrowhead, pointing downward, is the message, “My number.” This message makes it clear to the advertisement’s viewers that the text printed on the tassels identifies her telephone number. Her skirt is itself an advertisement of the sort that includes, along its bottom edge, a series of tags that is printed with a telephone number to which those who are interested in the product or the service that the advertisement promotes may respond. Essentially, the model is saying to...

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