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Men Superiority Essay

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The superior man blames himself. The inferior man blames others. –Don Shula
The discussion of superior has been brought up numerous times throughout the history of time. Whether it is superiority over a species, subject, or attribute people tend to render something better than other. In today’s modern age with a “peaceful” global world trying to be put into place, we have tried to eliminate superiority between others humans and promote equality. The elimination of superiority has also reared its head in business over time in the United States with the extinguishing of monopolies. Even though the United States has tried to “lead the charge” in trying to terminate superiority and inequality ...view middle of the document...

Women have been ignored in the Olympics as well, for example when the summer Olympics of 2012 were taking place all the buzz was on Michael Phelps taking the top spot for most medals ever. They didn’t mention as much that they person they were chasing in the medal count was a female they just referred to her as a “Russian athlete”. Men superiority in United States sports is clearly displayed throughout all the leagues and actions used to display the gender differentiated leagues.
There is still a spotlight on men superiority inside the government within the United States. It is very known that all the presidents that have served as the President of the United States roll have been a male and not once has a woman got on the final ballot. In Congress for example, about 21% of congress is made up of women even though a majority of Americans are women. Even though women are finding more opportunities to find jobs inside the government, most heads and people with the highest power are usually males. The males dominate all the branches of government even though the government preaches equality to the United...

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