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"Men Vs. Men Women: Nature Or Nurture"

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It's amazing how men ad women can be considered the same but yet be so very different. On the outside they may look alike- two eyes, two ears, a nose, mouth, hands, and so on, but they could not be more different. So the saying goes, "men are from Mars and women are from Venus". The question is why though? Is it because of nature or because of nurture?One difference is that men are extremely more aggressive than women due to higher testosterone levels. It was believed that how your raise the child and the role of society were the main factors that determined the outcome as male or female. However, with the case of David Reimer this proved to not be true. David was going through a routine circumcision when he was eight months old that went terribly wrong. Doctors decided to turn him into a girl as an experiment, to prove that reassigning a sex was easy because nurture determined their psychological make-up. However, today being thirty-seven years old, the angry David is proof of how wrong they were. He had a tortured childhood, and has had to go through many surgeries to try to gain back his manhood. The biological sex of a child will always prevail, now matter how they are raised.Though aggression is due to testosterone in men, it is not the only reason. The aggression in men is further implied in he way they are raised and how society teaches them to act. From childhood, boys are taught to be tough- to "be a big boy" and not cry. They are taught that boys should play sports like football, wrestling, and other...

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