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Men Vs Women: The Battle Of The Sexes

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Since ancient times women have been ranked lower than men. Historical events, physical characteristics, and work ethics put women below men. In modern day, injustices between the two sexes also exist. Between men and women in present day society, women tend to get less perks.
Historical events place women below men in many ways. According to Feminism is for Everybody, “Christian culture [made] masses of people continue to believe that God has ordained that women be subordinate to men in the domestic household” (Hooks, p.2). This means that the Christian culture encourages the belief of women being lower than men in rank. When an influential figure like God, says this, many will continue to ...view middle of the document...

During this period, “cramps can be a big reason why girls are absent from school, why they miss sport practices, and why they may avoid social events with their friends” ( In other words, cramps can limit a female’s activity whereas the males do not experience these kind of problems. Because of a female’s period, they are different from men and have a harder time dealing with their bodies. Regarding men’s and women’s body types, “Men are… more muscular than women. Women are just over half as strong as men in their upper bodies, and about two-thirds as strong in their lower bodies” ( Men are generally stronger than women, which puts women in a bad position when situations like self-defense is needed. Their lack of self-defense when men overpowers them physically can lead to life-threatening situations. Another distinct difference from women and men is the ability to bear a child: “Women give birth to babies, [have] different reproductive organs” ( Women can have babies while men cannot. Therefore, the burdens of enduring the downs of pregnancy, giving birth, and raising the child puts women in a painful and exhausting position. However, men, will not have to go through these.
In the work world, women are still at a disadvantage. In a research in 1970, “women earned 59.4 cents to every dollar men earned. Today, overall, women earn 76% of what men earn” (Morgan, XXI). Women’s salary are less than men, which means that women has less money to deal with their expenses. However, some women do not even have a paycheck for working: “Over 90% of those who care for children and/or a disabled frail, ailing, or dying adult in the home are women… 76% of caregivers are unpaid” (Morgan, XXIII). Many women stay at home and serve as a caregiver but many are unpaid, making them earn less than working men outside the home. In the nonprofit work...

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