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Men Who Changed The World Essay

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There are a ton of men who have changed the world in the past and now days. Some of the most impactful men who changed the world spiritually were reformers. They stood up for what they believed in and wouldn’t back down no matter what. They were persecuted, made fun, out casted, and put in jail with a trail. Some of these incredible men are George Wishart, Thomas Bilney, and Ulrich Zwingli.
George Wishart was born in the year 1513 in Scotland. He was tall with black hair and a long beard. He attended University in France. He became a priest. In 1538 he became a school teacher in Montrose, Scotland. He taught the New Testament in the Greek language. This made the bishop of Brechin extremely furious. Wishart fled to Bristol when he got into trouble because of his teachings. He stayed in Switzerland and Germany for the next three years. He began teaching at Cambridge University in 1542. He became well known for his kindness and generosity towards people. He would give his clothes and bed sheets to the poor who didn’t have anything. He returned to Scotland in 1543 to preach in Montrose, Dundee, and the west. A plague broke out in Dundee in 1545; he remained there and cared for the sick while continuing to preach. Cardinal David Beaton, nephew of archbishop, was known for killing Patrick Hamilton and was now after Wishart. He sent the priest to kill him with a dagger. Wishart took the dagger off before defending from an angry crowd. Wishart survived another attack from Beaton after this one. In 1546, however, he was arrested. At that time John Knox was his bodyguard and carried a large two handed sword with him. Wishart was held in St Andrews in the dungeon of the castle. He was given a trial which John was not allowed at per his request. At this trial he was found guilty of heretic. He was ordered to be hung and burnt at the stake in front of the castle. His death spread the gospel even more instead of stopping the spread.
Thomas Bilney was taken under the wing of a priest, who had been driven to despair and penury, as a young student. Bilney secretly bought and read a translation of the New Testament by Erasmus even though he knew it had been banned. These readings greatly moved him and cheered him up dramatically thanks to the relief of being saved by God’s word. He joined his colleagues, John Fryth and William Tyndale, in forming the formidable trio against the priest....

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