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BOOK REVIEW Men Women and Relationships: Making Peace with the Opposite Sex This book, Men Women and Relationships: Making Peace with the Opposite Sex, by John Gray Ph.D. examines the differences between men and women, and relates these differences to our intimate relationships with the opposite sex. Through thirteen chapters, Gray explores our differences and elaborates on the idea that Men and Women are different creatures who see the world very differently from one another, act differently, and have different needs in a relationship. Gray emphasizes the idea that it is these differences that attract us to each other, and balance each other in an intimate relationship. As we find mates who have features complimentary to us, and make us whole. It is when we expect the opposite sex to act as we would, or treat us, as we would like to be treated, that problems arise in relationships. It is crucial for a loving relationship that we respect our differences and realize that out differences are what make relationships work and create our attraction to the opposite sex. Working with theses differences and understanding why the opposite sex acts they way they do, how they react to stress differently, and understanding what the opposite sex needs emotionally are the three main ideas of this book.In this first section, Gray introduces the idea that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The idea behind this analogy is that if we pretend that we are from different planets we accept that we are different from one another and are even amused by the differences between us, we would not try to change each other and expect the alien to act like us. Instead of trying to change them we would simply accept the customs of the different planets, and enjoy the attraction. The problem arises when we forget we are from different planets and start trying to change the Martians to be more like Venusians, or vice versa, and as a result these differences become a source of conflict. Using this analogy the differences between men and women are looked at and explained throughout the book as common conflicts are discussed. One example of conflict is that a woman will misinterpret a mans love by judging his actions according to their feminine standards. For instance, an argument may arise when a man comes home from work and just wants to sit down and relax, watch TV, read a magazine, etc, anything but think about his day at work. His wife on the other hand would feel very supported if her husband talked to her and asked her about her day. Because she assumes that her husband wants to be treated as she does she begins to ask him about his day at work. When she asks him and only gets short irritated answers she is confused and feels and though her husband doesn't care about her. He on the other hand is frustrated because he feels interrogated and doesn't realize the needs or intentions of his wife. This is just one of the great examples offered in this book in which the...

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