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Men, Women, And Sex Differences Essay

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Men, Women, and Sex Differences
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Nature vs. Nurture? The debate has obsessed the minds of psychologists and philosophers for many years, each arguing their idea is the right way. ABC aired a TV documentary "Boys and Girls are Different" hosted by John Stossel to show some of the leading feminists ideas and their opponents thoughts.

Psychologist, and researcher from the Kinsey Institute, June M. Reinisch believes that biology and culture shape gender differences. She believes that men and women aren't the same. Simply that "equality does not mean being the same, it means having equal opportunities" (Men, Women).

Reinisch, leader of the advanced studies and projects at Kinsey stated, "When people say women can’t be trusted because they cycle every month, my response is that men cycle every day, so they should only be allowed to negotiate peace treaties in the evening." June Reinisch fights for equal opportunities for women by giving seminars and speeches nationwide to groups of women. In addition, she speaks and writes on sexuality issues. "We are very adolescent about sexuality as a society, thinking it is for young people," says psychologist June Reinisch, director emeritus of the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington, Ind.

June is a very outspoken woman and for that has several consequences that she faces in life. She faces criticism daily from the public, media and other scientists. Luckily, her job at the Kinsey Institute doing gender research, results in her not worrying about the thought of losing her job over gender issues. However, her status is continually up in the air for the media to pick at. The media can say negative ideas regarding her research and beliefs because she is so well known.

June documented several early behavioral differences in infants. Girls sit up without support earlier than boys do, as well as rhythmically mouth (suck on tongue, move lips) before males. "However, boys crawl away from their caretaker earlier than girls. Male infants startle more readily than female infants" (Eisenmen par 22).

Although June's observations aren't clear as to what they mean, they do suggest one idea. John Stossel summed up this idea saying, "So, could it be that when we treat kids differently, cuddle the girls, toss the boys into the air, that we're not being sexist? Maybe we're responding to the inborn cues from the kids" (Men, Women).

On the same argument side as June Reinisch is Dr. Laura Allen. She bases all of her information on the brain determining the sex difference from her research performed at UCLA.

Dr. Laura Allen has spent years studying the brain tissue of both boys and girls. She said, "As I began to look at the human brain more and more, I kept finding differences, and about 7 or 8 of the 10 structures that were actually measured turned out to be different between men and women" (Men, Women). Basically, it is best to always try to learn about human nature,...

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