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Mending Wall Essay

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Throughout the poem of mending wall by Robert Frost there were many themes and life lessons revealed to the readers. The big themes that were revealed to the readers was walls, nature and friendships. The main topic that the themes came back to was getting to know people in life. The walls were up for no reason with no cattle to keep under control, and nature put many gaps in the wall to try to bring it down. The wall just kept the neighbors in isolation when the world wanted them to be in communication with each other.
Walls are shown numerous times throughout the poem. One of the neighbors wants a wall up and the other one does not want the wall up. The neighbor who wants the wall up ...view middle of the document...

This could be the same for the neighbors. The neighbor who does not want the wall down may have been hurt so bad that he just wants to stay in isolation. He or she is afraid of another relationship or friendship, because he could be hurt again, even worse than before. It is only so much a person can take in life, and that is when the wall come up. When a person is at the finish line and enough is enough they wall out everything that is not needed anymore.
A few things of nature are also shown throughout this poem. Line 30 states “He is all pine and I am apple orchard.” One neighbor many not want to get his fruit mixed with the other kind of fruit and have to go pick through for it. Each of the Fruit could be ways to make money or food for them to eat. If the fruit get mixed together and lost, the people could lose money and have less food to eat. The neighbor who do not want the wall down might cherish his fruits more than anything else and would like to keep it on the right side. Line 11 also shows nature when the speaker talks about the wall having gaps. If the wall is not being taken apart by people than it has to be mother nature that is breaking it down. Line 1 would suggest that nature and the speaker does not love the wall. The speaker tries to convince the neighbor to bring it down and mother nature puts gaps in the wall which show the wall really does not belong there.
The most obvious thing of nature is shown with the speaker and his neighbor trees. The wall keeps the fruit on the side where they belong. Even though the fruits could drop anywhere the wall allows them to stay on the side they grow from after they drop from the tree. Spring is when things begin to grow, and every spring when the two come together the speaker seems as if he is trying to grow the friendship that they do not have together. Lines 31 and 32 seems as if the speaker is sad or frustrated that his apples can not get across the to the pine cones, to roam freely.
` The next thing of nature is shown when the walls start to get gaps in between them. If neither one of the neighbor’s are taking the wall apart then nature is taking its toll on it. Bad weather could be destroying the wall. The oldness of the walls could also have an effect on them and put them in bad condition. If the wall is being destroyed each year by nature than somehow the neighbor who does want the wall up should realize that the wall is not meant to be up. The only time the neighbors get together are in the spring when they rebuild the wall in its weak points. Nature wants them to come together...

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