Menendez Trial. I Act As Though I Am The Prosecutor For This Essay

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Summary: On August 20th 1989, Jose and Kitty Menendez were murdered in their own home. Their sons, Lyle who was 21 at the time and Erik who was 18, were the ones who called the police about the murder. The victims had been shot numerous times in their living room while watching television. There was no indication that a robbery had taken place or forced entry. At first, the Menendez brothers were not suspected of committing the crime. However, after the brothers went on outlandish shopping sprees with the money they inherited, did the police begin to expect them. On October 31st 1989, Erik went to see a therapist named Jerome Oziel. He confessed to the therapist that he and his brother murdered their parents. The therapist wanted Lyle to come in the same day. Lyle was furious that Erik had confessed. Lyle threatened the therapist, that if he told anyone, they would kill him. Mr. Oziel never did tell anyone, although he continued to counsel them. However, he did ask his secretary, Judalon Smyth, to eavesdrop on their sessions, and she went on her own to the police. This occurred on March 5th 1990. On March 7th 1990, Lyle and Erik Menendez were arrested for the murder of their parents.Referral Question: Were there any indications that their memory was not as accurate as the defense hoped? What factors might have impaired their memory? What are the pros and cons of the Menendez brothers taking a polygraph test?Areas of Concern: On July 20th 1993, the trial began for the Menendez brothers on charges that they murdered Jose and Kitty Menendez (TruTV, n.d). The defense was ready to admit that the Menendez brothers had murdered their parents. However, they only did so out of fear. The brothers claimed that they were both sexually and emotionally abused by their parents since a young age. The brothers feared their parents who were brutal, manipulative and sexually perverse (TruTV, n.d).One concern that many had about the abuse claims is the time in which they were admitted. The brothers never confided with therapists or to the police before the arrest that they had been abused. This made others wonder if they were only making these claims to avoid the more serious charges that they could face. When a person comes out and says that they were abused many years after the incident, this is referred to as Repressed Memory. Repressed Memory is described as an event or series of events that are so shocking that the mind pushes the memory of it into an inaccessible corner in the unconscious mind. Then one day, out of the blue, the memory of the event or series of events come into consciousness (Loftus. 1993).It is important to be aware of tactics used by clients in their cases. Generally, the severity of the crime will increase the clients need to deceive and lie. There is a lot at stake in their lives, as a result, they try to cover things up to lessen the end result. This being said, there have been many studies that indicate it is...

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