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Mens And Womens Role Essay

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Over the last 50 years, roles of men and woman have changed tremendously. During the 1950s men and woman were viewed contrastively, expected to fulfill certain roles. Men worked outside the home however women were expected to stay within the home. Men have been tasked with providing money for the family whereas women had no choice but to become housewives, meaning they had to be caring mothers, hard-working homemakers, and respectful wives. However in 2013 men and women have a choice on what they want their roles to be in society. Women’s stereotype of being a house wife has changed and men are no longer considered the providers for their families.
In the 1950s woman were obligated to stay home and forbidden to have a job outside. Woman felt guilty if they had a job because that would take away men’s privilege of being the providers for the family. Society placed many roles for woman. The perfect mother was supposed to stay home and take care of the children. A good housewife had to have dinner ready moments before her husband arrived from work and speak in a low and soothing voice. Remaining single was considered objectionable, consequently the norm was to get married right after high school plus get trained into the routine of being a housewife. Woman going to college and getting an education was rare. They were the unprivileged gender and were expected to stay happy doing housework. Divorce was not a common thing because women couldn't get a decent job to support themselves. Many TV shows of the fifties portray a happy mother figure taking care of all the home tasks. Advertisements defined the role of motherhood such as pictures of woman’s household being the main occupation. Indeed, the media made society believe that woman should be good-looking and happy housewives. Women have always been dependent on the man for protection and support but now that is altering, women are slowly taking the place of men.
Women are now doing what they’ve...

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