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Mens Superiority Over Women During Shakespearean Times.

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Men's Superiority over Women During Shakespearean Times:Throughout Shakespearean times, men's dominance over women was constantly displayed. Not only was this authority shown in government, but it was present in the household and day to day living. Men made the majority of the decisions, while the women were not allowed to question. Within the society, the expression of any opinions from women was frowned upon. Now, not only in England but many independent English Colonies allow men and women the same rights.The Shakespearean government was led by a male or female ruler. This ruler made all decisions and kept everything in order. Although the female may hold her title, if she chose to be wed she would be no longer identified with power. At the same time however it was rare that a female ruler would ever be allowed to rule the country. Queen Elizabeth was the first woman to be allowed to rule and it was at that point that rules regarding a woman ruling was made. The thought of a woman ruling was so absurd and there were so many precautions to avoid it that it had appeared there would never be need to restrict a female ruler. Queen Elizabeth was constantly influenced by her advisers (whom were male) and many attempts to deter Queen Elizabeth from her decision not to wed were made. Shakespearean times took place during Queen Elizabeth's rule which means all of the government would have been male beforehand.Women today are allotted a higher status than in the 1600s. Many women can run the household, and some even dictate their own businesses. Women and men are treated and perceived as equal. They obtain the same rights, although royalty remains the highest position. Both males and females who acquire royal status are treated equally, not one better than the other. Women are definitely better off today.Within a family, the head of the household was usually male. It was considered a symptom of disorder when a female dominated. Women were to give their husband comfort, food, and a clean house. The wife of the home was to go to the market to sell butter, cheese, milk, eggs, capons, hens, pigs, geese, and all manner of corn. This showed that the women did help to control the family unit economically. Women also tended to the garden and the livestock. Women were the party planners; they premeditated the guest list with their husband's idea of whom shall be at the celebration. Women did have a large role in the home, but the husband would have been the deciding factor. If a woman happened to be educated, she was viewed as unruly or a wild woman. Men forced the women to stay home and take care of the children, and to devote their lives to them.Today women run the house. They may do most of the chores, but they have a job to support the family. Most women pay the bills and shop for the food. Women may question what their husband...

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