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Mental Disabilities In Current Films Essay

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In the movie Silverlining Playbook, directed by David O. Russell, Patrick Solatano who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder who is released from a mental institution and partners up with tiffany in the hopes to get back with his wife. In Perks of being a wallflower directed by Steven Chobsky, Charlie suffers from depression after his best friends suicide and PTSD due to being sexualy abused by his Aunt Karen at an early age. Both directors effectively depict these varying mental disorders in american society by accurately portraying the mental disorder symptoms, relating the conflicts to the audience, and by challenging previous negative stereotypes.
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(cite) They can have their ups and down but as we see throughout the movie with proper medication the symptom can be controlled. When dealing with an illness this sensitive it is important to have treatment and a support network of family and friends. They needs friends and family,support from others and it is essential in maintaining stability and although they do not know what others are going through its important for them to not feel ostracized. It is possible to live a normal life with bipolar disease it requires long term treatment because it is a chronic illness it is crucial to continue even when you feel better, the medication helps prevent new episode and can lower the symptoms. The medication alone is not enough to control symptoms; treatment is most effective when grouped with therapy along with a strong support network. In the movie Pat has a strong support system consisting of his parents, siblings, and his friends. Pat’s support group helps him by coping with what is going on and helps him stick to his treatment allowing him to lead a normal life and keep out of trouble.
In the perks of being a wallflower, charlie is a freshman who is suffering from PTSD which inturn is causing depression. In the film when charlie is in class, his teacher mr anderson asks the class questions to which no one knows the answers to. As Mr. Anderson walks past his students he can see that Charlie has written the correct answer on his paper and even when offering an incentive of getting an A an any paper charlie still abstained from answering the question. We can see Charlie’s symptom of social anxiety keeping him from participating in normal daily activities. We can also see PTSD symptoms from the flashbacks he keeps on having throughout the movie. In the movie Charlie's friend Patrick is being assaulted by some of the football players and Charlie interferes by getting into a physical altercation with the bullies but blacks out and can not recall what he has done. He also keeps having flashbacks of his aunt and the night she died and feels guilty. This shows Charlie’s PTSD avoidance symptoms as he can not remember dangerous situations and even feels guilty for his aunt's death. Individuals suffering from a mental illness are diagnosed on a spectrum with varying symptoms and the treatment corresponds to the severity of the symptoms. The medication will usually include antidepressants to help with sadness and numbing feelings, and therapy to help them identify and deal with with guilt, shame and other unresolved feelings. PTSD can make those suffering with the illness feel disconnected therefore a strong support system consisting of family and friends are also an important part of treatment. In the movie Charlie opens up to his new friend Sam when he tells her about his best friend who committed suicide. When she realizes that he has no friends, her step-brother and her step in to fill the void. This inturn helps Charlie break out from his withdrawn...

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