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Mental Disorders In Australia Essay

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Depression in Australia is an alarming health issue that is continuing to rise in today’s society. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), depression is characterised as a mental disorder in which the affected person experiences prolonged feelings of distress and unhappiness. Currently in Australia, an estimated one million people suffer from depression with no indication of a near decrease (White Cloud Foundation). Even more concerning, one in every three girls and a quarter of boys in Australian high schools are suffering from depression (Stark 2014). The group of social determinants of health identified by The Solid Facts relate to and influence the onset of depression in ...view middle of the document...

The development of an individual’s self-esteem is also a major contributor to the onset of depression. According to the Black Dog Institute of Australia, events that are more likely to cause depression are ones that put the self-esteem at risk of being compromised. The ‘trigger’ event to the downfall of an individual’s self esteem is known as a stressor, which is anything that produces stress in a negative and positive way. In support of this argument, a study conducted in Korea published in a journal article, aimed to discover the relationship between perceived stresses, work-place stress and depression found that there was a positive match between work-place stress and depression and also that perceived stress could trigger self-esteem issues, thus resulting in work-place stress and depression issues (Lee, Joo & Choi 2013).
However, it is not only external stressors such as work that can cause depressive issues, personal factors including poor home-life and social isolation can also lead to a prolonged period of stress that usually develops into depression. For example, a teenager that belongs to a family that is exposed to violence and financial struggles are at far more risk of developing depression than one who comes from a loving and financially stable family. Overall, the link between Stress and Depression is awfully clear and a great concern for the population of Australia’s mental health.
The social determinant known as Social Support like Stress has a strong connection to depression. Social Support is defined by The Solid Facts as friendship, good social relations and strong supportive networks that improve health at home, at work and in the community. In...

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