Mental Health: A Literature Review

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Running head: Mental health re-hospitalization 1Mental Health Re-Hospitalization 5Mental Health: A Literature ReviewEastern Michigan UniversityVanessa ThreatsThe topic of my primary research paper is re-hospitalization of the mentally ill. How the management of healthcare professionals, and the identification of risk factors can aid in the reduction of re-hospitalization. I choose this topic because I have a son that suffers with mental illness. The impact that his mental illness has had on my family for the past 14 years has been like a rollercoaster, and dealing with a system of revolving doors. Mental illness is hard for people to understand and grasp, especially the loved ones.The evidence that this is a primary research article is that in the abstract it states that this paper reports on a phenomenological study, the specifics of why the study is being performed is clear. It also has the hallmarks of a primary research article, with a method and results section, and the abstract contains specific numbers in a percentage.My primary article search started out on the CINAHL database. I used mental disorders and hospitalization in the first box with no delimiters. My search yielded 195 results with articles that were quite interesting and varied. Two of the articles were titled combination of drug OD hospitalizations to Medicaid admissions and re-admissions; and another one titled oral health of the mentally ill. This search of articles was broad and I have to utilize other keywords to narrow my search.The second search I utilized the term community mental health. This search yielded 14,221 results. I was able to find a plethora of articles related to my topic, but it would have been time consuming to pursue this avenue for an extended period of time.The third search I used community health and hospitalizations in two separate boxes that yielded 395 articles, I was able to find an article.I also searched using the keywords "hospital*" and in the second box *mentally ill, that search yielded 137 results; I utilized the advance search and the publication delimiter. I interchangeably used systematic review and meta-analysis and yielded five and zero results respectively.My final search I utilized the psychology database and clicked into PsycInfo. From there I went into the International Journal of Mental Health Nursing where I found my primary research article. There is a plethora of information relating to mental health. This search was easier to navigate, and it was helpful that I was not restricted to CINAHL or the Cochrane databases.IReferencesBabalola, O., Gormez, V., Alwan, NA., Johnstone, P., & Sampson, S. (2014). Length ofhospitalization for people with severe mental illness. Cochrane Database of Reviews,Issue 1,...

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