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Mental Health And Family Support Essay

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Sooner or later, everyone is faced with a difficult challenge in their life that they struggle to overcome. Those challenges come at different times in our lives and have different sources, but facing them is crucial for survival. A famous quote by Bette Davis states: “The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, he's dead.” Support of family and friends is also very important when an individual is faced with a challenge in life because they are the ones helping the person to find a path and overcome the challenge. A great example of this is Susannah Cahalan’s struggle with autoimmune encephalitis, a deadly and rare disease which completely turned her life around, ...view middle of the document...

Dr. Najjar took the challenge and by remaining confident and brave, he crushed his challenge.
Another vital factor that led to Cahalan’s recovery was the proper diagnosis by Dr. Najjar, who practically saved the author’s life by diagnosing her with the right disease when other doctors have turned away from Susannah because they could not diagnose her. This was a very dramatic low point in the story when Susannah’s doctors began to lose hope for her recovery, but Dr. Najjar was a saviour for Susannah who would not lose hope like the others and persuaded with the task of finding the right diagnosis for his most difficult patient, and eventually finding it as a result of being compelling and logical.
The final and most important aspect that has helped Susannah Cahalan make a full recovery was the care and support of her parents, brother, boyfriend and friends. They were the ones who urged Susannah to visit the hospital when they suspected that something was wrong, they were the ones that supported and helped her in every way possible during her stay at the hospital and finally, they assisted her during her recovery stage when she was trying to return to her prior-self. First and foremost the author’s mother was really close to Susannah on an emotional level. “Watching me struggle to remember this, my mom’s face flushed, and her lower lip quivered… it was the first time I had seen her cry since long before I was sick” (Cahalan 201) shows that her mother really cared about Susannah and fell in tears when her daughter’s condition became worse. She was put down on an emotional level because her daughter was becoming more sick, while she was incapable of physically helping her because no one knew what exactly was wrong with Susannah. Furthermore, Susannah’s boyfriend, Stephen, remained supportive and complementary to Susannah when others would have just left her in this situation. He became very concerned about her health, when Susannah had her first seizure and he took her to the hospital. This shows that he was caring...

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