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Mental Health: As Important As Physical Health

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Our society today does not value our mental health like it should. If society would only pay as much attention to mental health, they would be better off in the long run. Think about an athlete playing a sport, they certainly understand how important physical health is. When a baseball player injures his knee, he is out and waits until it heals. But like many people, mental health is overlooked. Most teenagers do not realize that the many things like stress or eating disorders are coming from a poor mental state. They think that if they just ignore it they will snap out of it, this is not true and many times this kind of thinking will only make it worse (Change Your Mind). Mental health is not seen as important as physical health due to misconceptions and stigma behind mental health patients. By increasing the importance of personal mental health, people can reduce issues associated with mental health problems and raise awareness for people who suffer from mental health issues.
There is a difference between feeling blue for a while and having a mental health problem such as depression. But it becomes a problem when people start to ignore their feelings and think less of their self. The Rode Island Physiological Association found that people who got their mental health problem fixed decreased their medical visits by 90%, their overall laboratory costs decreased by about 50% and their overall treatment costs decreased by 30%. Under health care the government says that they give adequate coverage to their patients and that they want to help with mental health problems, so that each American can have the same benefits than others (Useful Psychology Information). There is a point of getting medical help. As a result of Americans overlooking their mental state it caused 17% of Americans to not receive the appropriate mental care says Caroline Peterson, The director of mental health care reform. Caroline says that our modern Americans think that mental health and physical health aren’t interrelated. One of her very important ideas on this topic is that “You cannot keep people physically healthy if you cannot address their mental health issues.” It gets to a point where you can see the physical problems in a person if they do not take care of their mental health. Most of the time people who struggle with things like alcohol abuse, eating disorders, and behavioral issues are coming from their mental health state. The world health organization says, “These types of things are commonly found to be related to some sort of disorder such as depression or stress.” Dr. Dorothy Cantor says, “We’ve been told for so long to get physical checkups, but taking care of our emotional well-being has been sorely overlooked. We are whole people- Whole in the sense that our minds and bodies are connected. If we only took care of our physical well- being and not our emotional well-being, it could come back to haunt us.”(Redirect). She’s stating that if you know that you...

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