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Mental Health First Aid Essay

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The person in this scenario who may be in need of the help of a Mental Health First Aider is the 60 year old uncle. It appears that after the loss of his wife, the uncle developed depression. Even though it is completely normal for everyone to experience periods of depression, however it is not normal for depression to linger for a long time without signs of coping or recovery. In the uncle’s case, his depressed mood has lasted for almost a year. Although it is normal to feel depressed after the distressing event of losing a partner, it is also normal to cope with such a loss. The uncle, even after time passed, has still not begun to cope with the death of his wife.
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The first step of the action plan, A, is assess for risk of suicide or harm. After expressing worry for the uncle a Mental Health First Aider should make sure they are available to talk. If there is concern that the uncle is at risk of harming himself the Aider must ask if he has been having thoughts of suicide or is engaging in non-suicidal self-injury. A warning sign of suicide that the uncle may be demonstrating is the withdrawal from friends, family, and society.
The second step of the action plan, L, is listening non-judgmentally. If the uncle is not in crisis that needs immediate attention the Mental Health First Aider should simply engage in a conversation with him and listen carefully to what he has to say. In order to do this an Aider should be respectful of the uncle. The Aider should also avoid expressing negative reactions. It is important when listening to pay attention to what is being said and to be accepting.
The third step of the action plan, G, is give reassurance and information. When talking to the uncle the Mental Health First Aider should reassure him that he is not to blame for his illness. Let him know that depression is a real health problem he may be suffering from. The Aider could offer the uncle practical help with household tasks. This could be important because the uncle has not been taking care of himself and his home could be considered an extension. In order to give the uncle information about depression the Aider should find reliable websites, brochures, etc. that will provide information for the uncle on depression,...

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