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S00207419 Assessment Task 2 NRSG210 1
Assessment Task 2 NRSG210
This essay will demonstrate the journey of Jeremy Oxley’s recovery of his mental health condition. Through the documentary, it has been shown the difficulty experiences Jeremy Oxley had due to his schizophrenia mental illness causing Jeremy to have an altered experience of reality impacting his ability to perform properly for work or socializing with other people (Frith, 2015). Through the implementation of the principles of recovery oriented mental health practice. It is designed to assure that the mental health services delivered are aimed to support the individuals suffering from mental health condition by using the best possible treatment. Secondly, this essay will explore three different principles of recovery that Jeremy went through. Lastly, it will demonstrate the importance of clinical and personal recovery for individuals with lived experience of mental illness. Examples will be shown by referring to the Sunnyboy’s documentary of Jeremy Oxley experience throughout the essay.
Real choices is one of the principles of recovery oriented mental health practice (Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council, 2013). This encourages and supports consumers to decide on their own and be free to lead their lives in any way they want if their decision is beneficial for them. Real choices also acknowledge and supports for individuals to commit positive risk such as participating in treatment decisions and this also allows the consumer to make the most of new opportunities (Australian Health Ministers’ Advisory Council, 2013). In exploring the meaning of real choices as one of the principles of recovery oriented mental health practice, it is essential for healthcare providers to learn the strengths of the consumer. By truly understanding the consumer, it allows healthcare providers to enhance the consumer’s strength and resilience and therefore be able to rely on it (COTA, 2014). According to Slade (2014) “recovery is not about getting better” but finding meaning in life and the right to partake in anything. Slade (2014) stated that recovery means more than the usual optimal implementation of what is known is best practice. As given by Slade, real choices can be influenced by peer support. Family and friends are considered as an informal peer support. Mutual support and a support network plays a vital role in recovery. They give the consumers a sense of belonging, act as a supportive relationship and gives the consumer a valued role. It was demonstrated in the documentary of Jeremy Oxley’s journey to recovery “he laid his things into my place like it was going to be home…” and further added “he did that because he needed to be comfortable where he was living, in a home environment”. After meeting Mary and her sons, it was clearly depicted that they gave another meaning and...

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