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Mental Illnesses And How Everyone Is Affected

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Psychiatric disorders are common illnesses around the world. People with mental disorders affect millions of people unintentionally. Many people know someone with a mental disorder while others merely just hear about it. The every day routine for those people is not easy to face. Just because a person behaves and thinks inversely or more slowly does not mean they are less capable of success, as society labels it. Mentally disabled children, teenagers, and adults have a huge impact on society along with their family and friends. The process of which one comprehends and behaves differently with a mental illness is indescribable.
There are various types of mental disorders diagnosed, certain more common than others. Some common disorders are: anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, impulse control disorders, etc. These disorders are typically diagnosed through frequent behavior and than they are tested. For example; anxiety disorders are observed when the patients “respond to certain objects or situations with fear and dread” (Mental Health: Types of Mental Illnesses). The answer becomes clear if the patient’s response is not suitable under the circumstances. Most mental disorders are observed first, and the behavior of a person will show if the disorder applies.
The lifestyle of individuals suffering from a mental illness is at a greater risk for decreased quality life. Statistics show “of the estimated 450 million people worldwide living with mental or behavioral disorders, 90 million were drug alcohol dependent, 25 million suffered from schizophrenia, and 150 million had depression” (Introduction to Global Mental Health: Effects of Mental Health on individuals and Populations- Unite for sight). This is their lifestyle because majority of the patients are not provided with the care that they deserve. Their education is compromised which prevents them from successfully pursuing a career and building a future. The few patients who have received a degree are less likely to have a job. “Five to six million U.S. workers aged sixteen to fifty four fail to seek employment due to mental illness” (Introduction to Global Mental Health: Effects of Mental Health on individuals and Populations- Unite for sight). The patients with mental disorders, who do have a job, annually make half of what a regular worker may earn. Mental illnesses are the most common disorders worldwide; the treatment of these citizens should not be biased because of their condition.
Making a living does not only affect the patients, but their families as well. Families of individuals with mental illnesses are unable to work full capacity. “Loss of income and the financial costs of caring for a mentally ill put these households at an increased risk of poverty” (Introduction to Global Mental Health: Effects of Mental Health on individuals and Populations- Unite for sight). Family members may experience chronic stress due to emotional and physical challenges....

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