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Mental models and mindsets are the appearances of people’s thoughts for the explanations of working things in the real world. Mental models and mindsets are generated in the human heads as internal images for the neighboring processes. These mental models and mindsets are influenced by several forces, such as social change, physiology, thinking capacity, and mental ability. Throughout this paper, I will discuss the mental models/mindsets and their impact on the two coworkers. I will also identify the four steps to change mental models/mindsets and the five forces that influence those mental models/mindsets of the coworkers. Additionally, I will give examples of what mental ...view middle of the document...

They are used to the current delivery service and resistant to the new changes proposed by the owners. There were some questions from them to spark up some doubtful conversations about the new idea. Vernon does not believe that the new idea will be good to expand out of the core business. Bud believes that AAA Transportation is not strong enough to be competed with other companies to service nonperishable foods and may risk alienating long-term customers. As working in Human Resources, I think that these two employees’ mental models and mindsets have altered their opinions toward this new idea. I have looked at the bigger picture and see that being as unbiased to the change will affect AAA Transportation’s goal.
The Four Steps to Change Mental Models and Mindsets
According to Wind, Crook, and Gunther (2005), the four steps to change the mental models and mindsets are as follows: First step is to recognize the power and limits of mental models/mindsets. Second step is to test the relevance of your mental models/mindsets against the changing environment, generate new models/mindsets, and develop an integrated portfolio of models/mindsets. Third step is overcome inhibitors to change by reshaping infrastructure and the thinking of others. The fourth and final step is to transform your world by acting quickly upon the new models, continuously experimenting and applying a process for assessing, and strengthening your models/mindsets.
With the steps of changes above, Vernon and Bud should analyze of the new changes and adjust their mental models/mindsets. They need to weigh their mental models/mindsets against the new changes, develop new ideas, and generate a positive solution to the new changes. They also need to overcome of their resistant and thinking of AAA Transportation’s profitable future. Additionally, Vernon and Bud should act quickly and transform their positive solution to the new changes. I am hoping that: after Vernon and Bud analyze of the new changes and recognize that their resistant to the changes are simply their models/mindsets to hold them back, they can let go and move forward with the new idea.
The Five Forces that Influence those Mental Models and Mindsets
Johnson-Laird and Byrne (2009) defined, “Mental models are based on a small set of fundamental assumptions, which distinguish them from other proposed representations in the psychology of reasoning” (p. 281). In the new changes by the owners, there are five forces influence those mental models/mindsets of Vernon and Bud. These forces are including education, training, influence of others, rewards and incentives, and personal experiences. I am completely understood how learning behavior can sometimes be difficult to break or alter. I am also...

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