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Mental Process Essay

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IntroductionCreative Intelligence is one's ability to face new situations and solve problems in new ways, to think beyond what is known and the way things have been done in the past, and use our imagination. These differing styles are what make creative teams in the workplace exciting and if well placed, effective. Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge (Brown, 2005). Knowledge is limited, but imagination circles the world. The four styles of creative intelligence are intuition, innovation, imagination, and inspirational leadership. Our personal creative styles are influenced by our mental models. These modes come from genetics, education, training, the influence of others, and the rewards and incentives of those relationships. Our individual decision making is largely then influenced by our creative style and mental models.Four styles of creative intelligenceThese four styles of creative intelligence; intuition, innovation, imagination, and inspirational leadership rarely exist in isolation. Most of us possess these all in varying degrees and one or more will simply be more dominant. The dominance will be driven or determined by our mental models. Intuition is instinctive knowing something without the use of rational processes, where imagination is the forming of an image of something that is not present then the ability to sense its reality. Both of these styles, though different in origin contrive to drive innovation. Innovation is the actual introduction of something new like a new idea, method or devise. A person whose style is innovative is also very likely to have intuition in some degree and imagination enough to be innovative. Inspirational leadership is type of leadership that inspires people to be creative, innovative and have a high level of performance. The inspirational leader may or may not have or not believe that he or she has the qualities of intuition, innovation, or imagination but possess the skills to inspire those who do.Mental models/mind setsRegardless of our creative intelligence style, our decision making is influenced by our mental models. Many things influence our mental models; five sum the most influential of them. These mental models come from genetics, education, training, the influence of others, rewards and incentives and our relationships. These models or mindsets can evolve with education, a deeper knowledge of the world, and where each fits into it. Recognizing and developing these creative intelligence styles begins in young children and encouraged or discouraged by parents, caregivers and teachers.A child with naturally strong intuition may have been born into or raised in a situation where intuition is considered silly or superstitious. This would create a mindset that may prohibit this person from recognizing this style as having value and suppressing it. He or she might shun the training or education that would help develop this intuition, not having received the desired...

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