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Mentee Case Study

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Student Funds of Knowledge Case Study
Trevaun is an active African American boy. He is in 2nd grade and attends Williams Elementary School. He does not have a least favorite subject, but his favorite subject is math. He enjoys Physical Education too, for he gets to play basketball, which is his favorite sport. He loves to roller skate and play video games as well, which is why his favorite time of the day is nighttime. Trevaun’s mom allows him to play video games as late as he wants as long as he completed his homework first, and gets up on time for school the next morning. Therefore, he does not have a bedtime.
Trevaun likes Halloween time, for he likes things that are scary. He finds scary ...view middle of the document...

It was the first time he mentioned his dad. When prompted to tell more about his family members, Trevaun refused to provide any more answers. Even with encouragement, he refused to talk more about his family dynamics.
Trevaun is a mature boy for his age, for he does not tell, or show, his emotions to anyone. Although he attends an after school program in a safe environment located in a closely knitted neighborhood, he does not share any of his difficulties at home. He knows his mom’s expectations for him and his role at school. As a result, he is quite private about his family life and try to be responsible for himself. Trevaun is a shy and observant boy to strangers, but he is a lively and competitive boy to friends. He has many friends at Kids Count and get along well with the rest of his peers there. He always strives to surpass his friends in the activities he perform whether the activity is shooting basketball hoops, reading a book, or playing board games.

Trevaun’s family’s strength is their strong relationship to one another. Although Trevaun spent most of his time with his brothers, the connection between him and his mom was strong enough to motivate his success in school. His brothers served as role models and helped him develop the competitive characteristic needed to succeed. The efforts that Trevaun put forth into every academic activity may be the result of his family’s values on education. His mom made her expectations for his academic success very apparent by allowing him to play video games only after he completed his homework. When she saw his good grades, she made sure to celebrate his success and to recognize his hard work. As a result, she reinforced her expectations and demonstrated to Trevaun that hard work...

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