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Coaching Decisions Essay

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COACHING DECISIONSOn December 20, 1996, Granite City's girls' basketball coach, Chuck Kraus, appeared to be agitated during the halftime conference with his players. After minutes of yelling, he began to use profanity. Five minutes later, he picked up a bench and threw it across the locker room. Assistant coach John Moad tried to settle Kraus down, but he failed. The coach pushed him into the lockers and tossed chalk into his face. This halftime outburst cost Coach Kraus a three game suspension. The first practice after his suspension, Kraus held a meeting with the players and the parents. Jan Shanefelt, the starting point guard of the varsity team, asked the coach why he came back, the girls liked playing under Coach Moad better. Quickly, Kraus became agitated and threw a hard chest pass that hit Jan in the arm. The next day Kraus wrote a letter of resignation for the rest of the year and will resume his duties in the fall of '97. Should Coach Kraus just get suspended for the rest of the year, or should he never be allowed to coach again? I think Coach Kraus should be fired without any hesitation.Many of the players and the parents wanted Kraus fired after the first incident, and they definitely want him fired now. In school systems today, many incidents similar to this happen often. Are athletic coaches today given too much power and think they can do whatever they think can improve the team? The coaches should be setting examples to the players, not putting them down. Athletics are not about winning and losing, it is about getting the most out of your players. Sometimes the players lose their concentration during the game and need to be reassured during the halftime discussion. Verbal abuse does not help the players at all. Coaches also need to remember that they are teaching teenagers, not adults. Teenage girls look up to their coaches, and lean toward them for guidance.After the first incident, Coach Kraus claimed to be...


A Successful Coach and Motivator Essay

3046 words - 12 pages A Successful Coach and Motivator INTRODUCTION      This paper will focus on what it takes to be a successful coach and motivator in the 21st century and the general characteristics of the coaching process for the future leaders of corporate america. We will also discuss various ways to improved performance through commitment and discuss why some coaching techniques fail to produce the desired results.      All coaching is a one-to

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1222 words - 5 pages is by visualizing the thoughts leaving and going somewhere to be stored until the session or working day is over (Dunbar, 2010). By visualizing the thoughts leaving, it helps the coach actually empty their thoughts and be able to pay complete attention to the client, promoting effective listening in the session (Dunbar, 2010). Ultimately, pay attention to the client will help the client-coaching relationship build, boost the client’s ability to

Personal Coaching Philosophy for coaching high school track and field

1119 words - 4 pages Through the years of playing many sports, including track and field, I have been exposed to many different types of coaching philosophies. Through these coaches and also by learning what is best as an athlete, I have developed my own coaching philosophy.First, we must be aware that a coaches philosophy greatly depends on who is being coached. In other words, a coach will have a very different philosophy if they are coaching Jr. High kids as

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1484 words - 6 pages Comparing Mentoring and Coaching There are some key differences between mentoring and coaching. Mentoring- is known as the transfer of wisdom and has a protégé or mentee that takes an interest in their career path. The protégé is guided and advised by the mentor who has worn the same shoes and traveled the same path, usually someone older and wiser. The mentor guides, persuades, and encourages a person to reach their full potential

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1677 words - 7 pages Leaders are defined by their action and do not necessarily have a title. Coaches do not have to have a title (Rohlander, 1999). People notice what others are accomplishing. Conflict coaching surfaced around 1993, then named in 1996, where a need to work one on one with clients to resolve conflict (Jones & Brinkert, 2008). “Leadership has been described as the process of social influence in which one person can enlist the aid and support of

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1196 words - 5 pages , as they might not know what is in the best interest of the group. A leader can help to develop others by helping them to achieve their goals. Alternatively, a leader could set the standard of performance by leading the group by example. Leaders may also demonstrate control but also include the rest of the group in decisions. In the "Lord Of The Flies", the main characters demonstrate different approaches of leading the rest of the boys, which

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922 words - 4 pages or she are thinking. "Critical thinking emphasizes logic and requires the questioning of assumptions; therefore, it can challenge people's biases and prejudices and cause students discomfort."(Eichhorn, 2001, p.4). "Judgment refers to cognitive aspects of the decision-making process." (Bazerman, 2002, p.2). Life can be viewed as a constant series of decisions. Only by making rational decisions does one "take charge" of their lives. Some decisions


1848 words - 8 pages confusion among the coaching staff and players. Furthermore, the culture of the football team gradually changed throughout the season and had a direct effect on the players and coaches. Reflective Thinking Critical Aspects of a Leaders Behavior • The educational leader should use effective communication skills with their subbornates as to not create confusion. (Standard 6) • Decisions should be made for organizational gain and not personal gain

Coaching And Leadership In Business

1764 words - 7 pages , studies have shown that being more intuitive and possessing more of the "soft skills" have been more effective than possessing the technical skills of getting the job done. The success of your company depends largely on its employees, and although time consuming, coaching is an important aspect of the job that all managers should practice. References: Personnel Decisions International. (1999). Successful Executive's Handbook Axelrod


1877 words - 8 pages results show that when comparing coaching to other forms of services, it appeared coaching was appealing to them and it encouraged them to make better decisions and show responsibility. When using the coaching model and other positive psychology approaches could overall improve self-efficacy in academics for these students with LD and ADHD. “ Over the last forty years, the postsecondary LD support field has evolved in a number of ways. In a

Career Development

952 words - 4 pages serve as the basis to, "increase productivity, improve performance, and retain top talent" (p. 41). The authors go on to argue that the process of coaching can serve as the basis for employee development in the organization. While coaching may not seem like the most salient method to promote career development overall, Homan and Miller assert that this process creates an atmosphere of give and take in which those being coached learn valuable new

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