Mentorship And Becoming An Adult Essay

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One person that I would consider a mentor is my best friend, Shamaila. The reason that I would consider her as a mentor is because she has got me through so much and has had a big impact on my life. She has guided me through thick and thin; and she has stood by me every minute of every day no matter how tough a situation has gotten. She has continuously offered her suggestions, and has always helped me make the right decision so that I can continue to pursue my dream of becoming an accountant, and so that I can properly grow into adulthood. She reminds me of my different responsibilities and always offers her support through what I am doing and through my experiences.

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It is a lifetime commitment that we are honouring and will honour until we know that we have others in our life that will care for us as well, as much as we have for each other.

Qualities that I have that make me easy to mentor is that I am a person who works well with everyone. I can be asked to work with anyone and I can work with him or her, and make an interesting relationship, which will contribute to the success of that team. Another quality I have that makes me easy to mentor is that I listen. I listen to my mentor’s opinion, and what she wants to say to me, and this really influences my outlook, and lets me make the best decision in the end. However, on the other side, I do have some qualities that may present a challenge to my mentor. One quality is that I feel that my opinion is more valuable and more important than others. This gives my mentor trouble with me, as I don’t think that what she is saying is always right, but in the end, I do always look at what she is trying to say, and take into consideration her opinion. Another challenge is that I feel that in a team I am a leader. This leads to some disputes in our relationship, because the mentor is supposed to be the leader. However, I always balance that, and make sure that I listen to what she has to say.

The value of a mentor is very important. A mentor is someone who can always listen to you and also provide...

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