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Menu Foods Recall Paper

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Topic OverviewThe issue in marketing that I am going to discuss is the recall on dog and cat food issued by Menu Foods of Canada. There are two plants that are thought to be responsible for the contamination. These plants are Kansas and New Jersey. Both of the plants received shipment of wheat gluten, which has been identified as the possible source of contamination. This recall was not implemented by the food and drug administration, but Menu Foods themselves. Menu Foods recalled nearly 100 brands of the “cuts and gravy” style food. The recall was issued because some of the cans and pouches of food have been blamed for kidney failure and have killed at least 16 pets. What makes this issue even worse is neither the manufacturer nor have the authorities been able to determine exactly why the pets died. Another problem that Menu Foods has to deal with is that there are several large retailers that sell their product, including Wal-Mart and Kroger. Menu Foods is also a contract manufacturer for the top branded pet food companies, including Procter & Gamble Co. Menu Foods brands include Iams and Eukanuba which are very popular high end brands.Situation AnalysisThe Menu Foods recall is an important issue because it affects so many people not just in the U.S but in the world. In 2005, the U.S. dog population was 63 million and the cat population was 81.4 million. There is a huge market for individuals who are pet owners. Menu Foods manufactures over 100 brands of dog and cat food used by distributors around the world. In 2005, the total sales in the United States reach 14.3 billion dollars. Commercial pet food is one of the most highly regulated products on the shelves. The FDA along with Federal Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Agriculture are the governing bodies which oversea pet food labeling. The decision by Menu Foods to issue the recall was a hard call to make because they knew that there would be consequences to face. What Menu Foods tried to do was be proactive and not wait for the food and drug administration to issue the recall first. They were trying to hold themselves accountable for what had happened in their factories. The mistake that Menu Foods made was not apologizing for what happened. Instead of an apology customers were referred to the standard FAQ’s section in the recall part of the web site. By doing this customers felt like Menu Foods didn’t really care about their pets or their families. If consumers don’t feel like their needs are being met then Menu Foods as well as the company using their food can lose a lifetime customer.Relationship to Current Marketing EnvironmentThe issue with Menu Foods applies to the current marketing environment because there are more pet lovers today than ever before. Most people probably have never heard of Menu Foods because they don’t promote their brand, but the product that Menu Foods sells is in over 100 different brands of pet food. “Virtually any...

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