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Mercedes Vargas: A Pro Wrestler´S Ramble Essay

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(Mercedes Vargas smirks at the camera as the scene fades in on the former 3WL Television and World Champion at home in her apartment, a palatial loft in New York’s Jackson Heights neighborhood. It’s nearly seven months since the Wild Stampede pay-per-view. She sits in an arm chair wearing an Eli Manning jersey along with a New York Giants baseball cap.)

"So, I bet you all have been waiting these last few months to hear my thoughts on the premier of Battlegrounds for AESOP World: Women’s Pro Wrestling. Well, you’re in luck, because I have a lot of things to say on various subjects, but let me first start out by saying I’m going to miss 3WL, I truly am. I’ve only been a part of 2 of their 11-year history, but they were good times nonetheless. As you can probably see, I’m title less, and the reason for that is due to one person, and one person only, Trish Newborn. And this is where I’m going to bring this into focus.

"Now everyone loves a good redemption story, and Wild Stampede was Trish’s redemption story. Forget whether she could finally win the World Championship. The question is will anyone remember her after the fact. I don’t think so. Will anyone remember her leaving a legacy in 3WL? Not by a long shot. Oh, sure, they know who Trish Newborn is, they know she's also a Hall of Famer such as myself, but when people remember 3WL, when they remember the names who carried the illustrious championship, they think of Tory Blaze. They think of Star. They think of Jordan Divine and Mystika and Eva Rodriguez. Serena Royale and Nicky Silver and Crystal Hilton. They think of Dame Barbara Windsor and Veronica Valiant. They think of Zelda Knite. And of course, yours truly. But Trish Newborn?"

(Mercedes leans back in her chair, shaking her head negatively.)

"Trish Newborn is long forgotten, I’m still here. I am the present and the future of this company. I have a chance at being a world champion again. What does Trish have? It's not the Television and World Championships, that's for sure. She got to enjoy being undefeated, per se, for five months before she got stripped of them last month. All she has left now is her moment of glory, however minuscule it was. You know, it kinda makes you think. Was it even worth it?"

(Mercedes lets the question hang in the air, she gives the camera a look as if to say, "I'll wait for an answer." She pauses as her thoughts now is elsewhere.)

""Now, as far as Honey Rydell goes, I think it’s obvious she's off her meds again. That, or her grande victoire against Tory Blaze at Wild Stampede got her a big head. Does she know who I am? Does she even know who she's talking to? I mean, hello? (she begins counting things off with her hand) 3WL Hall of Famer, former Television Champion, former Unified World Champion, inaugural Sky High Tag Team Champion, 3-time Athena Award winner. (she stops and shakes her head incredulously) I could go on, but that would make you want me more."

(She leans back in her seat and smiles before...

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