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Malik 3Malik 4Usman MalikMrs. ChutkosENG2D1-08June 6, 2013Into the Mind of Madness- Mercutio AnalysisWilliam Shakespeare has no doubt created some of the most interesting and dynamic characters in history, such as Hamlet, Feste, Viola etc that continue to intrigue and entertain us to this day. In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, aside from our hero Romeo and heroine Juliet, we are introduced to the witty and humorous Mercutio. Mercutio acts as a significant character in terms of plot development, but more importantly, Mercutio himself is a truly fascinating man in many aspects. Mercutio acts a character foil to Romeo who is a romantic, serious and courteous character while Mercutio himself is a humorous, rude and imaginative character.The most notable feature about Mercutio is that he has a knack for humour. Mercutio is a man of many words and languages as described by Romeo himself, his speech is filled with puns, double meanings and sexual innuendos. Mercutio is constantly making joke throughout the play and is the main source of humour in Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio's humorous side is apparent as soon as he is introduced in the play, when he mocks Romeo's talk of dreams and love, making light of Romeo's situation. Mercutio's humor is shown again when he teases Tybalt to get him angrier. Mercutio calls Tybalt a "rat catcher" as he was a "prince of cats". Mercutio kept on making puns using Tybalt's name to provoke and annoy him, which leads to conflict. Mercutio tries to be the comedian even when he is dying, when he says ""Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man." (III, i, 94-94) This means that Mercutio is dying, and will be in his grave tomorrow but that he is also serious, the other meaning of grave. It seems even in his final moments, Mercutio always finds a way to make a joke, he always wants to be the entertainer and center of attention and breathed his last on a rather dark yet comedic note. For Mercutio, it's all about being the entertainer and center of attention which he did successfully as he stole every scene he was in with his humour and wit.Mercutio also comes off as a rather rude character, he loves to make cruel japes and insult others. The most notable moment of this Mercutio's encounter with the Nurse. Mercutio makes fun of the Nurse's appearance by stating "Good Peter, to hide her face, for her fan's the fairer face". (II, iv, 99-100) What Mercutio means by this is that the Nurse is so ugly that her fan would make a prettier face, clearly showing Mercutio is quite the disrespectful man as he insults a women that is older and wiser than him, and in fact continues to insult the nurse until he leaves the scene. Mercutio seems to have no remorse or even care how his words hurt the Nurse. Mercutio's rude behaviour is not just limited to strangers however, Romeo says "he jests at scars that never felt a wound" (II,ii,1) indicating that Mercutio's crass and bawdy talk of love have truly hurt Romeo. Mercutio...

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